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DTU Gains Skills Lab from Heisei Corporation, Japan, to Enhance Architecture and Construction Training

On May 4, 2024, DTU received an additional lab equipped with 40 high-performance computers for students in the Architecture and Construction programs, as part of the "HEISEI-VJIET Skills Lab" project donated by Heisei Corporation (Japan). This marks the third lab donated to DTU in the past year by various partners to improve training quality.
- A computer lab sponsored by Samsung Vietnam, and
- A Cyber Security lab funded by Fore Corporation, Japan
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân có thêm Skillslab Nâng cao Ch?t lu?ng dào t?o ngành Ki?n trúc
DTU and Heisei Corporation Sign Agreement and Inaugurate Architecture and Construction Lab
The collaboration between DTU and Heisei Corporation has grown stronger over the years, yielding significant results in training and providing high-quality human resources for the Architecture and Construction sectors. Specifically, DTU has implemented a 12-month Japanese Internship program in direct partnership with Heisei Corporation for students in these fields. DTU students interning at Japanese companies receive full support for visa fees, international airfare, accommodation, and essential living expenses during their internship in Japan. Additionally, interns receive a minimum living allowance of 70,000 yen per month for 12 months. This Internship program is a crucial stepping stone towards the Japanese labor market for DTU students and helps orient their training to meet international standards, effectively addressing the labor market needs both domestically and internationally, including in Japan.
During the Japanese Internship program, DTU students receive Japanese language training in Japan, get exposed to the work environment and corporate culture of Japanese companies, experience local life and nature, and gain clear career guidance upon completing their internship. Heisei Corporation is currently recruiting for various positions in the Construction and Architecture sectors, including:
- Road and Bridge Engineers,
- Construction Management,
- Basic Design,
- Construction Estimation.
ÐH Duy Tân có thêm Skillslab t? Công ty Heisei, Nh?t B?n d? “nâng ch?t” Ðào t?o Ki?n trúc và Xây d?ng
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao and Mr. Kosaku Nishihara Complete the "Opening Eyes" Ceremony for the Traditional Mask and Present a Painting of the Dragon Bridge, Da Nang
DTU and Heisei Corporation recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish the "HEISEI-VJIET Skills Lab" project. The project aims to implement various training activities to help students use specialized design software, develop professional skills, and experience advanced Architecture and Construction technologies in Japan through regular and extended Internship programs coordinated by DTU's Vietnam-Japan Institute of Engineering and Technology (VJIET). The "HEISEI-VJIET Skills Lab" project will enable DTU students to work and study simultaneously, creating digital products (BIM) that facilitate the promotion of their design work according to the Japanese market's needs.
To support the "HEISEI-VJIET Skills Lab" project to its fullest potential, Heisei Corporation has donated a lab with 40 high-performance computers and various specialized Construction and Architecture experimental equipment, such as gimbals, 3D printers, plotters, VR glasses, surveying and measuring devices, and more. These resources aim to fully support the training of DTU's Architecture and Construction students.
ÐH Duy Tân có thêm Skillslab t? Công ty Heisei, Nh?t B?n d? “nâng ch?t” Ðào t?o Ki?n trúc và Xây d?ng
High-Performance Computer Lab Maximizes Support for Students Participating in the "Heisei-VJIET Skills Lab" Project
Mr. Kosaku Nishihara, Chairman of Heisei Corporation, stated: “Thirteen years ago, our company began employing foreign personnel. Currently, we have 80 foreign employees, including 24 from Vietnam. We have successfully received high-quality interns from DTU, who are now working diligently at Heisei. Today, we are honored to collaborate with DTU, one of the prestigious universities in Vietnam's higher education system. We believe that the effective cooperation between our two entities will foster a deep and long-term relationship in the Architecture and Construction fields. Through these collaborative activities, we aim to contribute to the development of DTU and the growth of high-quality human resources in Vietnam.”
ÐH Duy Tân có thêm Skillslab t? Công ty Heisei, Nh?t B?n d? “nâng ch?t” Ðào t?o Ki?n trúc và Xây d?ng
Diverse Equipment Supports Various Practical Activities for Architecture and Construction Students
Along with the computer lab, the "HEISEI-VJIET Skills Lab" project will create a professional learning and working environment, equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the Architecture and Construction fields. This will help guide their career development with support from experts at Heisei Corporation. Students studying and working at the "HEISEI-VJIET Skills Lab" will be given priority for employment as official staff at Heisei Corporation and its Japanese partners upon graduation.
The "HEISEI-VJIET Skills Lab" project marks a significant step in building a cooperative relationship between the university and businesses, creating career development opportunities for Vietnamese students in Architecture and Construction within an international context. The cooperation between Heisei Corporation and DTU not only benefits students but also promotes the relationship between Vietnamese universities and Japanese businesses, with the primary goal of training and providing society with high-quality human resources to meet current and future labor market demands.
For further information about DTU admission, see: http://tuyensinh.duytan.edu.vn
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