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DTU Signs Agreement with Quang Tri Department of Education & Training Schools & Centers

On March 1st, DTU signed a memorandum of understanding with the schools and centers under the Quang Tri province Department of Education & Training. The aim is to expand bilateral cooperation and joint development, and create opportunities for staff and lecturers from all institutions to share experience, enhance manpower, and support high school students in developing their qualities and abilities through scientific research and career orientation.
Dr Vo Thanh Hai gave the teachers from Quang Tri visiting DTU a warm welcome
Speaking at the signing ceremony, DTU standing Vice President Dr Vo Thanh Hai gave the teachers from the high schools and centers under the Quang Tri Department of Education & Training visiting DTU a warm welcome. “This year will be the 30th anniversary of DTU, among the first four private universities in Vietnam and the first in Central Vietnam,” he said. “Quang Tri has for many years now been a province where a large number of students choose for DTU for their higher education. For this, DTU is very grateful to the teachers at the high schools in the province for sharing information about our institution with their students and helping them make informed choices about their future careers.
 “Every year, DTU also offers many scholarships to good students and students in difficult circumstances from Quang Tri, to support, motivate, and encourage their spirit of learning. We hope that, through today’s cooperation, our institutions will implement even more meaningful activities, to offer the students of Quang Tri the most favorable conditions to develop their expertise and capabilities, for a bright future.”
DTU signed a cooperation agreement with the schools and centers
under the Quang Tri Department of Education & Training
The MoU between DTU and the schools and centers under the Quang Tri Department of Education & Training outlines several key areas of cooperation. Specifically, the two parties will:
? work together to train teachers to higher expertise, to align with the capabilities and development strategies of the institutions under the Quang Tri Department of Education & Training;
? jointly implement research & innovation projects involving both lecturers and teachers; transfer and implement joint STEM education models;
? work together to support and guide high school students with scientific research, career orientation, and career experience (OPEN DAY); offer soft skill training and inspire students;
? collaborate to develop policies and select students for scholarships when they enroll at DTU;
? jointly carry out activities in service of community and society, and other activities.
“DTU is a private institution with 30 years of development and impressive achievements,” Quang Tri Department of Education & Training Director Dr Le Thi Huong said. “Of note are its usually high positions in prestigious national and international rankings. As such, we hope that, through this partnership, the teachers in Quang Tri province will get more opportunities to experience, explore, exchange, and share the management experience of the university, particularly concerning the application of IT to education.
For many years, DTU has been a supportive partner to Quang Tri province, and especially to the Quang Tri Department of Education & Training, in numerous activities, such as: training highly skilled professionals for the province, training many young people from the province and giving wings to their dreams, accepting people from the province for work at the university, and providing career guidance to high school students. We hope that, after today’s signing ceremony, both partners will continue building on the results achieved while initiating lots on novel activities, methods, and models in our cooperative relationship, to fulfill our political tasks together and support each other’s sustainable development.”
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