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An Agreement with Pasona Tech

On December 19, DTU signed an agreement with Pasona Tech Vietnam, attended by Mr. Hajime Kono, CEO of Pasona Tech; Dr. Nguyen Huu Phu, DTU Vice-Provost; DTU lecturers, staff and students; and Pasona Tech Vietnam representatives.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân ký k?t Biên b?n Ghi nh? H?p tác v?i T?p doàn Pasona Tech
Mr. Hajime Kono, CEO of Pasona Tech Vietnam, speaks
Mr. Hajime Kono said: “It is my great honor to attend the MoU Signing Ceremony between Pasona Tech Vietnamand DTU, to contribute to further promote strategic cooperation with the city of Danang on local issues concerning business, healthcare and the environment, which have become increasingly complex. Our Pasona Tech philosophy of solving social problems helps us find solutions by connecting individual values and strengths. For that reason, the Pasona Group wants to build a team of experts in Danang and we hope that DTU graduates will join us.
We have high expectations of the close relationships we have built in the field of Information Engineering, between Pasona Tech and famous universities around the world, including DTU, and hope to collaborate the city of Danang soon to becomea major digital transformation center."
ông Hajime Kono - Giám d?c Ði?u hành T?p doàn Pasona Tech
The agreement
After a period of mutual understanding and discussion, DTU and Pasona Tech Vietnam signed a Memorandum of Understanding, to promote their respectivestrengths in accordance with theirindividual development plans.
Pasona Tech Vietnamagreed to:
- Exchange knowledge and expertise with DTU lecturers and students to improve training quality
- Participate in practical training for students at DTU and Pasona Tech 
- Facilitate visits, internships and practical experience for DTU students at Pasona Tech
- Provide information about workforce requirements and the recruitment of DTU graduates
- Prioritize recruitment of qualified DTU graduates at Pasona Tech
DTU will: 
- Provide human resources to Pasona Tech,as required
- Organize field trips and internships at Pasona Tech,according to their educational training plans
- Monitor, supervise and coordinate with Pasona Tech Vietnamto manage studentinternships
In addition to enabling DTU to build training program more suitable to the currentbusiness requirements, the agreement also establishes closer connections between schools and business during the training of highly qualified human resources to meet community requirements.
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