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Samsung Awards High-Configuration Computers to the DTU IT Lab

Samsung has worked with DTU to implement the Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC) project, and many other professional exchange activities. On November 24, the company donated thirty high-configuration computers to the DTU IT Lab. This demonstrated Samsung’s commitment to fostering Vietnamese technological talent and developing a sustainable relationship with DTU, to train a highly qualified local workforce.
Samsung trao t?ng ÐH Duy Tân phòng Lab máy tính c?u hình cao g?n 1,3 t? d?ng
Samsung Vietnam General Director, Mr. Choi Joo Ho, gives a speech and visits the new computer lab
The DTU computer lab was officially opened on the  Quang Trung campus, sponsored by Samsung Vietnam, as part of the 2022-2023 Samsung Innovation Campus project. Equipped with thirty high-configuration computers, one laptop, and one smart TV, the lab will be used to jointly coordinate IT education development with Samsung Vietnam, in 2023 and thereafter.
Samsung trao t?ng ÐH Duy Tân phòng Lab máy tính c?u hình cao g?n 1,3 t? d?ng
The new DTU IT Lab sponsored by Samsung Vietnam
In 2023-2024, three IT courses will be offered, in addition to a course in basic coding & programming skills:
- The Internet of Things (IoT)
- Artificial Intelligence (AI)
- Big Data
At the same time, in 2023, DTU participated in a Robicon science & technology contest and won both first and second prizes. The event is coordinated by Samsung with several universities around Vietnam to allow students to demonstrate their technological knowledge and skills. Consequently, with 25 DTU students competing in the SIC project Big Data training course, 12 were selected to intern at the Samsung R&D Center in Hanoi in addition to another 8 of the best students.
Samsung Vietnam General Director Mr. Choi Joo Ho emphasized “Today is the era of science & technology, which is leading the global economy and changing our lives. At the heart of that change are talented IT experts. Today, we are in urgent need of a highly professional and respected global workforce. Meanwhile, in just a brief time, DTU students have achieved remarkable success in competitions and training activities organized by Samsung, affirming their capabilities. This success is in high measure based on the close cooperation and mutual understanding between Samsung and DTU, working together on the common goal, to educate elite technical human resources to completely satisfy the needs of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.
 “Working with DTU, we realized that the university is truly a top institution in Central Vietnam and nationwide, while Samsung is a global IT corporation and the largest FDI enterprise in Vietnam. We do our best to foster technology talent and we specifically sponsored the modern computer lab at DTU, hoping to continue working with the university to open up more learning opportunities to broaden the knowledge of both DTU students in particular and Vietnamese students nationwide.”
Samsung trao t?ng ÐH Duy Tân phòng Lab máy tính c?u hình cao g?n 1,3 t? d?ng
A closer view of the high-configuration DTU computer lab
Samsung’s leadership also noted that the spacious lab, their investment in a highly advanced technical infrastructure, will contribute to the training of a highly professional workforce and serve as a foundation for local technology education in the near future.
“After thirty years of diplomatic relations between South Korea and Vietnam, our ties are growing stronger,” said Hero of Labor and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU Chairman. “The relationship has become strategic and leaders of our two countries regularly make official state-level visits, which deepens the relationship even further and opens up new opportunities for universities and companies in both places. We have backed DTU in setting numerous constructive activities to improve and position high-quality manpower towards our common goal, to educate talented professionals to meet the future demands of society. I hope that our partnership will grow ever stronger as we mutually support one another, the younger generation and the future of our country.”
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