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“Knowledge Connection, Creative Future” Project with Daejin University

On January 9 and 10, Deajin University lecturers and students paid a visit to DTU to conclude the projects in the "Knowledge Connection - Creative Future" Program. This exchange program aimed to provide students with a better understanding of Information Technology and to develop their learning and creative skills.
GS. TS. Jung Jong Jin phát bi?u t?i bu?i t?ng k?t Chuong trình K?t n?i Tri th?c - Tuong lai Sáng t?o
Professor Dr. Jung Jong Jin, Daejin University representative, speaks
“To my knowledge, DTU has academic cooperation with lots of universities in many countries around the world,” Daejin University representative Prof. Dr Jung Jong-jin said at the closing session of the Knowledge Connection, Creative Future project at DTU. “After listening to Dr. Le Nguyen Tue Hang, DTU Vice - Provost, talk about how DTU collaborates with other universities, especially in the ASEAN region, I’m very impressed with the university’s efforts to strengthen and expand cooperative relationships to open new learning and experience opportunities for the students.
 “Deajin University is honored to be one of DTU partners and to jointly implement the Knowledge Connection, Creative Future exchange program for students of the two universities. I realize that DTU students are very smart, active, and agile in their activities. As the students from the two schools only had a short time to work on their projects, and that online, there will inevitably be shortcomings. When we listen to the groups’ presentations, though, we notice their efforts and achievements. I hope that we’ll have more collaborative projects together to provide students with more exchange opportunities, forge connections and contribute to the sustainable development of both partners in the near future.”
TS. Lê Nguy?n Tu? H?ng trao ch?ng ch? tham gia chuong trình cho sinh viên Ð?i h?c Deajin
Dr. Le Nguyen Tue Hang awards certificate of participation to Deajin University students
During the previous 6 months (since July 2023), students and lecturers of DTU and Daejin University had conducted online discussions. 24 students were divided into 6 groups to carry out IT projects, including developing websites and applications such as:
-  Restaurant Recommendations 
-  Object Detection 
-  Cultural Calendar
-  Song Recommendations 
-  Stock Visualization 
-  Story Making
The closing ceremony was successfully held, with various student groups presenting the projects they have worked on recently. This was a fantastic opportunity for students from both institutions to connect, interact, exchange knowledge and experiences, and especially to make new friends.
Gi?ng viên cùng sinh viên Ð?i h?c Duy Tân và Ð?i h?c Deajin ch?p hình luu ni?m
Lecturers and students of DTU and Deajin University
Nguyen Duc Tinh, a K26 PSU DLL2 student, said: “Our team's project in this program is "Introducing Songs," inspired by young people's fondness for K-pop music and their need to find information about Korean music charts and genres. When listening to K-pop in Vietnam, however, we face difficulties in accessing information about songs on Korean digital music platforms. To address this issue, our team created the "Song 4 U" website, allowing K-pop fans to search for suitable music genres, discover similar songs, and follow the Korean digital music charts.
 “While working together and today meeting in person, we could talk and experience the unique cultures of both nations. Through this project, we also learned how to work professionally from Korean students. In particular, the projects in the program are all related to information technology, which gives a hospitality student like me a chance to hone a lot of useful knowledge and skills related to IT. More importantly, through this program I made many new friends at Deajin University, and after completing the Song 4 U project we’ll keep in touch with each other to share our knowledge and experience and to help each other develop in our studies.”
Within the framework of the program, Daejin University signed an MoU with DTU School of Tourism for further development of training programs, network programs and other activities within the scope and mission of both institutions.
By creating an international academic environment and encouraging exchanges between students and faculty, the "Knowledge Connection - Future Creativity" project has contributed to improving students' knowledge and skills. Also, the collaboration between DTU and Daejin University promises to bring interesting learning and experiential opportunities for students from both institutions.
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