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DTU Vietnam - Japan Institute of Engineering & Technology Promotes Cooperation for High-Quality Manpower

Following the trends of educating and training manpower for the new times and global integration, the DTU Vietnam-Japan Institute of Engineering & Technology (VJIET), a partner of many Japanese businesses and universities in Danang and other parts of Central Vietnam, successfully implemented numerous activities in 2023.
Among these, the Institute selected students and sent them to Japan for internships at companies there with their expenses fully covered, it signed cooperation agreements with numerous Japanese businesses and universities, and it supplied high-quality human resources to businesses for Japanese-Vietnamese cooperative relations.
Internship program in Japan attracts large numbers of students
The Japan Internship Program is of particular interest to DTU students. In 2023, the VJIET organized numerous career orientation seminars for students as well as interviews for internships at companies in Japan.
Most recently in December 2023, twelve students who participated in the recruitment interviews were successfully selected for internships in electronic engineering and mechanical engineering at Lixil JSC. Lixil is a multinational conglomerate operating in over 150 countries and is specialized in the production of interior and exterior architectural products for residences. This presents a valuable opportunity for students to learn, experience, and work in a creative, professional, and highly disciplined environment and to enhance their specialized knowledge and language skills.
Vi?n K? thu?t & Công ngh? Vi?t-Nh?t (VJIET), DTU thúc d?y H?p tác cung c?p ngu?n nhân l?c ch?t lu?ng cao
The twelve DTU students selected for internships at Lixil, Japan, with the company leadership
To date, 41 DTU students have been selected for the Japan Internship Program. Of these, 23 have already worked as interns, with the other 18 set to begin their internships in the first half of 2024.
“Professional expertise, mastering the Japanese language, understanding of Japanese corporate culture” are the student training objectives that the VJIET aims for, to meet the demand for high-quality manpower in the new times while opening up numerous opportunities for learning, internships, and employment for students outside of Vietnam.
Heisei-VJIET SkillsLab project: Improving architecture training
Sharing the common goal of improving student output in Architecture, DTU signed an agreement with the Japanese Heisei corp. on December 2023 to establish the Heisei-VJIET SkillsLab project for architecture. This project focuses on training high-quality manpower and transferring architectural technology from Japan. DTU students of Architecture participating in this project are trained in the proficient use of specialized design software, hone their professional skills, and experience advanced Japanese technology for architecture and construction through regular and extended internship programs coordinated by the VJIET at DTU.
Vi?n K? thu?t & Công ngh? Vi?t-Nh?t (VJIET), DTU thúc d?y H?p tác cung c?p ngu?n nhân l?c ch?t lu?ng cao
Representatives of the DTU Board of Provosts and of Heisei signed a cooperation
agreement to implement the Heisei–VJIET SkillsLab project for architecture
The Heisei-VJIET SkillsLab will make it possible for students to work during their studies, creating digital products (BIM) that directly promote designs by DTU students according to Japanese market demand. Students participating in the Heisei-VJIET SkillsLab will be given priority for recruitment as official employees at Heisei and its Japanese partners after graduation.
The Heisei-VJIET SkillsLab is considered a Heisei workshop in Vietnam in continuous operation. It aims to help DTU students to hone the necessary professional skills to confidently enter the workforce immediately after graduation without the need for in-company retraining. The project is under construction and is expected to become operational in May 2024.
Many further agreements with Japanese businesses and universities to create jobs for students
The business trip of DTU staff and lecturers to Japan in September and October 2023 was marked by numerous meetings and cooperation agreements with Japanese enterprises and universities to bring internship and employment opportunities to DTU students. The trip included DTU Provost Dr Le Nguyen Bao, Vice Provost Dr Tran Nhat Tan, VJIET Director Dr Le Vinh An, and the leadership of the Faculties of Nursing, Architecture, and Mechanical Engineering and of the Enrollment Center.
Vi?n K? thu?t & Công ngh? Vi?t-Nh?t (VJIET), DTU thúc d?y H?p tác cung c?p ngu?n nhân l?c ch?t lu?ng cao
DTU representatives signed a cooperation agreement with Josai University in Japan
Immediately after having visited and surveyed the work environments at various Japanese organizations, DTU successively signed cooperation agreements with Orient Human Design, Yutokukai medical corp., the Yokohama city Welfare Management Association, and Josai International University.
The DTU delegation also visited Heisei corp. and Shinken Kogyo, two businesses it signed agreements with and which currently host DTU students doing internships. The trip left a lasting positive impression of a truly developed, modern, beautiful, and friendly Land of the Rising Sun.
Vi?n K? thu?t & Công ngh? Vi?t-Nh?t (VJIET), DTU thúc d?y H?p tác cung c?p ngu?n nhân l?c ch?t lu?ng cao
DTU staff and lecturers with the Heisei leadership in front of the corporation headquarters
Japan is a developed and hospitable country sharing many similarities in culture and lifestyle with Vietnam, making it an ideal choice for Vietnamese students to study, to enhance their professional skills and language proficiency, and to choose a working environment after they graduate. The Vietnam-Japan Institute of Engineering & Technology, serving as a partner to Japanese businesses and universities in Central Vietnam, will be where students’ “Japanese dream” is made to come true.
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