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DTU Students won second prize at Startup Launch Program

With the project "“The Co Tu Community-based Tourism”, five dynamic and enthusiastic Gen Z girls from DTU International School secured the second prize at the Startup Launchpad Program within the framework of the "Digital Technology Exchange Day 2023" held in Vinh Long City on December 2nd , 2023.
The 5 Gen Z girls who love technology and travel "scored points"
Connecting with each other through shared research ideas and outstanding strengths that could support each other, the five female students studying at the DTU International School arranged their schedules to work together on the "Community Tourism of the Co Tu Ethnic Group" project.
Nhóm Sinh viên c?a ÐH Duy Tân giành gi?i Nhì t?i Chuong trình B? phóng Kh?i nghi?p
Student team celebrates winning second prize in the Startup Launch program
The project includes two specific tourism products:
Cultural exploration tour of the Co Tu ethnic group (2 days 1 night) including activities such as experiencing daily life, participating in agricultural activities, traditional handicrafts, and exploring traditional craft villages while learning about culinary culture and interacting with the ethnic community.
Trekking Tour - Conquering K'lang Peak (3 days 2 nights) with exciting activities such as hiking, mountain climbing on the trail leading to the Co Tu village in Tay Giang District, Quang Nam Province, camping in the mountains, conquering K'Lang Peak and receiving a badge, cycling to enjoy the scenery along the Ho Chi Minh trail.
360-degree VR Tour Experience: Tourists can experience a 360-degree VR tour of the Co Tu village and cultural attractions in Tay Giang through an online website to get a comprehensive view of the desired destination and tour before deciding to experience the service.
Understanding the skills and experiences of each team member to divide tasks is how the 5 young girls worked "shoulder to shoulder" to complete the project within the specified time.
Nhóm Sinh viên c?a ÐH Duy Tân giành gi?i Nhì t?i Chuong trình B? phóng Kh?i nghi?p
T? Th? Khánh Dung
The team leader, T? Th? Khánh Dung, is courageous and responsible. She can communicate in French and Japanese, stands out with her management and leadership skills, and was responsible for ensuring the progress of the work and supporting the team members with content, building the website, and the VR Tour.
T? Th? Khánh Dung
Nguy?n Th? Mai Anh
Possessing a compelling voice, confident public speaking skills, and video editing ability, Mai Anh, a girl with a charming appearance and a dream of becoming a TV MC, was unanimously assigned the task of building videos, dubbing for the VR Tour, and giving the pitch on Demo Day.
Nguy?n Th? Mai Anh
Tr?n Th? Ng?c Anh
"Bé h?t tiêu" (Little Pepper) Tr?n Th? Ng?c Anh stands out with her agility, dynamism, flexibility in handling various situations, and persuasive skills in customer search. She was entrusted with the important task of seeking information, testing the product, and building the product model.
Tr?n Th? Ng?c Anh
Nguy?n Ðoàn B?o Châu
Passionate about fashion and with a good sense of aesthetics, Nguy?n Ðoàn B?o Châu, a girl from Hue, stands out with a strong personality and determination in thinking and action. The team trusted her with the task of designing slides, images, advertising banners on the website, and the competition entry.
Nguy?n Ðoàn B?o Châu
Nguy?n Th? Ti?n
Diligent and honest, the petite Nguy?n Th? Ti?n loves working with numbers. The team trusted her with the task of building financial plans and calculating product costs. With caution, meticulousness, and good Microsoft Office presentation skills, Ti?n has produced a complete and standardized business plan. She is also a valuable member of the team, always standing behind the others to support and connect them in their work and providing input for the other team members.
Having the opportunity to regularly hone teamwork skills at school along with access to a wealth of specialized knowledge in a practical working environment, the student team from the DTU International School has always been proactive in learning new things and confidently demonstrating their capabilities in the competition.
T? Th? Khánh Dung, the representative of the team from the DTU International School who won second prize, shared: "By chance, when visiting the Co Tu ethnic village in Tay Giang, Quang Nam province, we heard the elders say that the culture here is being distorted, the language is mixed, and the architecture of houses is gradually fading. We pondered this and felt compelled to do something to join hands to preserve the cultural identity of the Co Tu people. The project 'Community Tourism of the Co Tu Ethnic Group' that we collectively researched aims not only to preserve many beautiful cultural traits of the Co Tu people but also hopes to present the cultural identity of the Co Tu ethnic group to young people and international friends worldwide."
Startup Launch nurtures talents
The Startup Launch program is one of the activities organized during the "Digital Technology Exchange Day 2023," taking place from November 30 to December 2, 2023, organized by the Department of Education and Training of Vinh Long Province in collaboration with Friendly Organizations of the province and The Dariu Foundation. Nearly 200 students and teachers from across the country who attended the event participated in various activities such as training on Robot and Drone content, a talk show on the theme of "Applied Technology," a playground for programming robot and drone applications for students, an exchange and exhibition of programming products from the Code Club project, the Demoday program with presentation of products, and the Startup Launch program.
At the Startup Launch program, students from across the country had the opportunity to present ideas, products, solutions, as well as introduce test versions of products to the jury and the Founding and Operating Board of the Dariu Fund.
The participating teams also received a lot of support and advice from experts in various fields such as Tourism, Information Technology, and Economics to refine and develop their projects.
The most outstanding projects received awards and support for implementation in the future, such as:
First prize with the project "Water Rice Growing Support Equipment" (Vo Thi Sau Secondary School, Hau Giang) and the project "Automatic Waste Identification and Classification Solution" (University of Economics HCMC and HCMC University of Technology),
Second prize with the project "Community Tourism of the Co Tu Ethnic Group" (DTU, Da Nang City) and the project "Portable Injection Drug Storage Box" (Nguyen Huu Huan High School, Ho Chi Minh City),
Third prize with the project "Smart Street Light" (Cay Duong High School, Hau Giang) and the project "Cooldry Drying Cabinet" (HCMC Industrial College).
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