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The Seventh Annual ‘Go See Do’ Photography Exhibition Calls for Submission

DTU launched the 7th ‘Go See Do’ Danang photography exhibition, entitled ‘Hidden Treasures’, which gave professional photographers another chance to portray the hidden beauty and attractions of the city. 
Tru?ng Ð?i h?c Duy Tân, TP Ðà N?ng v?a phát d?ng cu?c thi ?nh Du l?ch thu?ng niên Go  See Do Ðà N?ng l?n th? 7 – 2023 v?i ch? d? “Hidden Treasures - Kho báu ?n gi?u” dành cho d?i tu?ng chuyên nghi?p.
The 7th ‘Go See Do’ Danang photography contest, entitled ‘Hidden Treasures
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Provost, said: “The exhibition is a unique opportunity for local photographers to portray their personal perspectives of Danang and reveal its hidden treasures. For example, they may include pictures of children playing on a sunny beach, carts filled with goods for the early-morning market, and flowers about to bud under the light of the rising sun. Show us what makes you smile when you think about this spectacular city and share with your viewers the simple sights which are the most important to you and to us.”
The ‘Go See Do’ photo contest also has a special section for 12-to 21-year-olds, with the theme of ‘Time for Fun’, only for amateur photographers. 
Participants: Any Danang or other Vietnamese residents or foreigners interested in photography, without age or professional restrictions 
Content:  Anything beautiful which highlights Danang tourism, its culture and people.
Theme: ‘Hidden Treasures,’ for professional photographers, and ‘Time for Fun’ for amateurs
Photo requirements:
- The submitted images must be original
- One to ten photos may be submitted at the same time
- The images should be in JPEG format, with at least 1,600 pixels, horizontal or vertical
- Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the images will not be allowed. Only basic enhancements, such as sharpening, contrast adjustment or simple cropping will be accepted
- Photos with sensitive content or culturally offensive will not be allowed
- The images must not portray the winners of the competition
- Photos must be unpublished and copyrighted by the contestant. The photos must not violate copyright or intellectual property rules
Regulations, rights and responsibilities: 
- The organizer will not be responsible for damaged or lost images when applicants send their work in wrongly, by normal mail, or later than the deadline
- Photos violating the rules will be rejected. The participants are responsible for their own copyrights, if later there are any irregularities with the winning image, the organizer has the right to revoke the prize
- The organizer shall not be liable for any loss, disfigurement or reduced image quality due to internet malfunction
- The photos will be judged solely by the organizer, without outside intervention
- The organizer reserves the right to use any photo for the purpose of promoting the exhibition and the competition, without compensation. The promotional images will not necessarily be the winning ones
- The organizers will select from 80 to 100 photos for exhibition
How to submit your photos:
- Photographers must complete the application form and images must be submitted on a CD with their name and content to the DTU Media Center at 254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang. (For example: Vietnamese Ao Dai by Nguyen Van A). or by email to goseedodanang@duytan.edu.vn
Photos can be submitted from November 6 to February 29.
(Media Center)