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On the Road to the Finals of the “Quang Region Gen Z” Competition

After intense rivalry, “Golden Tickets” to the finals of the “Quang Region Gen Z” competition, to be held on November 5, were awarded to the Hoang Hoa Tham, Son Tra and Nguyen Khuyen High School teams. 
Nh?ng hình ?nh trong hành trình t?i tr?n chung k?t ‘Gen Z xu´ Qua?ng’
The “Quang Region Gen Z” Competition  
The leading three teams overcame other strong high schools, including Le Quy Don for the Gifted, Phan Chau Trinh and Ton That Tung, and impressed the spectators with performances demonstrating their creative talent and unique personalities, in four separate bouts.
Nh?ng hình ?nh trong hành trình t?i tr?n chung k?t ‘Gen Z xu´ Qua?ng’
An exciting semi-final with highly knowledge teams
Nh?ng hình ?nh trong hành trình t?i tr?n chung k?t ‘Gen Z xu´ Qua?ng’
The Oration section of the semi-finals 
Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu Trang, Head of the Literature team from Phan Chau Trinh High School, said that the three finalists demonstrated, according to the contest requirements, a deep understanding of the historical, economic, cultural and traditional values of Danang-Quang Nam, in the past and today, 
cu?c thi
Son Tra High School teachers and students  
cu?c thi
The audience 
Researcher Bui Xuan stated that the competition enabled the "Gen Z" to demonstrate their creativity in coming up with innovative ideas and said: "The event is proving to be extremely energizing and I believe that the finals will even be more dramatic, with lots of new surprises because of the many challenges”.
Cu?c thi Gen Z x? Qu?ng di vào giai do?n nu?c rút
The “Quang Region Gen Z” contest was jointly organized by the Tuoi Tre newspaper, the Danang Department of Education & Training and DTU, for high school Gen Z students throughout Danang. It consists of several sections, offering valuable prizes for students from 22 local high schools and 3 CCEs. 25 teams were drawn and divided into 8 groups to compete for spots in the semi-finals and receive valuable gifts, worth a total of 51 million VND. The first prize is 12 million VND, 8 million for the second and 5 million for the third prize.
Questions in the contest were focused on the historical, economic, social, and cultural aspects of Danang-Quang Nam, past and present. Each match consisted of 3 teams competing in 4 sections and Phi Long Technology granted 100 million VND to sponsor the competition. The contest runs from October 5 to November 5, in the DTU auditorium, and the finals will be broadcast live on the program's YouTube channel, and on the Tuoi Tre newspaper's website.
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