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The Quang Region Gen Z Competition at DTU

On August 15, DTU, in conjunction with local high schools and centers for continuing education (CCEs), held the opening of the “Quang Region Gen Z” contest. Attendees included Mr. Ngo Ngoc Hoang Vuong, Head of the Office of Politics & Ideology at the Danang Department of Education & Training; Journalist Dang Nam, from the Tuoi Tre newspaper sponsor; DTU Vice-Provost Dr Tran Nhat Tan; Director of the DTU Enrollment Center, MSc Dang Ngoc Trung, Vice-Chairman of the contest Organizing Committee; and representatives from 25 high schools and CCEs in Danang. The contest will run from October 5 to November 5 in the DTU auditorium.
B?c tham Chia d?i Cu?c thi Gen Z X? Qu?ng t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
The organizers meet to announce the contest rules and team members
The objective of the “Quang Region Gen Z” contest is to provide high school and CCE students an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other, enjoy the competition and receive valuable prizes. 25 teams from 25 high schools and CCEs in Danang were divided into eight groups of three teams each. The groups will be eliminated one-by-one on their way to the semi-finals, with one lucky team directly bypassing the others.
B?c tham Chia d?i Cu?c thi Gen Z X? Qu?ng t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
The contestants
The groups were divided as follows:
- A: Nguyen Van Thoai high school, CCE nr. 2, Nguyen Thuong Hien high school
- B: Hoang Hoa Tham high school, Pham Phu Thu high school, Le Quy Don high school for the gifted
- C: Ton That Tung high school, CCE nr. 2, Hermann Gmeiner high school
- D: CCE nr. 3, Phan Thanh Tai high school, Vo Chi Cong high school
- E: Hoa Vang high school, Ngu Hanh Son high school, Son Tra high school
- F: Cam Le high school, Lien Chieu high school, Nguyen Trai high school
- G: Thai Phien high school, Nguyen Hien high school, Phan Chau Trinh high school
- H: Tran Phu high school, Thanh Khe high school, Nguyen Khuyen high school
- The Ngo Quyen high school proceeded directly to the semi-finals
B?c tham Chia d?i Cu?c thi Gen Z X? Qu?ng t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
Intense competition
The “Quang Region Gen Z” contest questions focused on the historical, economic, social and cultural aspects  of Danang-Quang Nam past and present. In the case of a tie after the four sections, an extra question will be asked.
The four contest sections:
a) Introduction (maximum of 10 points)
- Contest time: 3-5 minutes
- Number of participants: maximum of 10
- Content: introducing the schools and centers
b) Multiple choice & quick answer (maximum of 30 points)
- Ten multiple-choice questions, including 2 in English, worth 3 points each
- Number of participants: 3 
- Content: the history, geography, culture and traditions of Danang-Quang Nam
c) Oration (maximum of 30 points)
- Contest time: 5-10 minutes
- Number of participants: 1 student
- Content: a speech about a famous person or location their school or center is named after, or about unnamed districts. Contestants are advised to prepare appropriate slides, video clips, or music 
d) Quiz (Each correct answer is worth 5 points)
- Consists of 6 questions, with one in English 
- Number of participants: 3 
- Content: the history, geography, culture, and traditions of Danang-Quang Nam
The total prize money is 51 million VND:
- First: 12 million 
- Second: 8 million 
- Third: 5 million 
- Best school or center: 2 million 
- Best presentation: 2 million 
- For the winning knockout or semi-finalists: 2 million per bout
The contest should prove to be extremely exciting and intense. We wish the teacher and student participants rewarding memories and gifts!
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