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The “2023 GoSeeDo Danang” Photography Competition and Exhibition

On February 14th, at the expanded APEC Sculpture Garden, DTU held the opening and awards ceremony for the 6th Annual GoSeeDo photography exhibition. Many professional and amateur photographers, local and foreign visitors attended, and the theme this year was: “Danang, a City for all Seasons”. 
The ribbon-cutting ceremony 
Participants could compete in a photographic contest with two themes, “Danang - a City for all Seasons”, for professional photographers, and the “The Times We Live In” for amateurs. The objective was to promote Danang tourism, for locals and visitors to meet  and share their love of Danang. Six hundred photos were submitted by one hundred photographers and the best ninety were selected for exhibition. 
Professor Barbara G. Howell, from the Lorain County Community College in Ohio, is a senior lecturer at DTU and founder of the competition. She said: “For five years now, GoSeeDo Danang has welcomed visitors by showing them the beautiful places and people here. We celebrate the work of the artists, both professional and amateur, who use their cameras to highlight the things they observe.”
“The photographers had actually sent in their photos in January of 2020 and the judges had already chosen the winners. Then COVID struck and everything stopped, including education, commerce and travel, and the museum where we had planned to hold the exhibition was also closed”. 
“Today we are here to say, “We are back!”. GoSeeDo Danang 6 celebrates a city for all seasons. Through its challenges and fortitude, adorned with mountains, temples, rivers, sunrises and sunsets, Danang has a place and a special view just for you.” 
 “Season of Love” wins first prize
The ninety selected photos for the exhibition demonstrated the dynamism, youth, peace and poetry of Danang.
Huynh Van Truyen, winner of the professional photographers’ first prize, explained, “I’ve participated in every GoSeeDo photo contest and have a real understanding of the meaning and values it brings to the contestants and to the City itself. The contest provides photography lovers with valuable experience and gives us the chance to highlight our talents, meet each other, learn, and celebrate and promote the beauty of Danang, especially to Vietnamese and foreign tourists. To capture beauty, the content and form of a photo must be perfectly in tune, ranging from the lighting composition to the message it conveys. Something I will always remember is when I went up to Ba Na Hills with the City Photography Association to take pictures of the bellflower cherry. Unfortunately the weather was bad and by mid-afternoon everyone had left. I decided to stay however, hoping that something special would happen. Luckily, the sunset was exceptional, I quickly captured some wonderful shots, and my photo, “Season of Love” won first prize.” 
 “Little Constellation" wins first prize in “The times We Live In” category
Prizes awarded for “Danang, a City for all Seasons”:
- First prize of 10million vnd was awarded to Huynh Van Truyen for “Season of Love”
- Second prize of 7 million vnd to Do Van Pham for “Side by side”, 
- Third Prize of 5 million vnd to Le Duc Vuong for “Pulling net”
- 5 Consolation prizes of 1 million each
Prizes for “The Time We Live in”:
- First prize of 3 million vnd to Ngo Trong Hiep for “Little Constellation”, 
- Second prize of 2 million vnd to Nguyen Duc Hung for "The Market on the days before Lunar New Year” 
- 4 Third prizes of 1 million each
DTU then announced the launching of the 7th GoSeeDo Danang exhibition to keep the photographers’ eyes focused on capturing “The Hidden Treasures of Danang.” 
Photos can be submitted anytime between February 14 to September 14, 2023, for further information, visit: http://goseedodanang.com
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