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The DTU wins a Third Prize and a Most Impressive Prize at the “K-pop Festival”

On October 26, DTU’s K-pop dance group won a Third Prize and a Most Impressive prize at the “K-pop Festival”, with their amazing dance moves and powerful singing. 
In competition with many dance groups from other universities in Central Vietnam 
The “K-pop Festival,” held by the Danang College of Foreign Languages, was celebrating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Korea and Vietnam, and the 576 Hangeul Day. 
Nhóm nh?y KPOP c?a ÐH Duy Tân “rinh” gi?i Ba và ?n tu?ng t?i “KPOP Festival”
Third prize, the “Stay This Way” dance performance
The K-pop music competition was attended by students from five universities in central Vietnam, including the Danang University of Foreign Languages, Hue University of Foreign Languages, Duy Tan University, Dong A University, the Vietnam-Korea University of Information and Communication Technology and the University of Danang. 
Although the DTU K-pop Club has only been established since the opening of the Faculty of Korean Language in 2020, many of their students and those from other DTU faculties also attended and registered to become members of the club. 
Competing with other talented dance groups, two performances of DTU’s K-pop dance group were awarded a Third Prize and a Most Impressive Prize, with its “Stay This Way” dancing and “Breathe” singing, respectively. 
With powerful vocals and the smart selection of a touching song, the DTU team gave wonderfully energetic performances, equally impressing both the organizers and the audience alike. 
Nhóm nh?y KPOP c?a ÐH Duy Tân “rinh” gi?i Ba và ?n tu?ng t?i “KPOP Festival”
The happiness of pursuing a passion
The prizes were the first received by the DTU K-pop Club for their love of K-pop, and they have been striving to improve their dance moves and relationships with each other. 
Le Thi Huong Lien, a member of the DTU K-pop Club, said: “We were delighted to compete in the “K-pop Festival.” We practiced thoroughly in advance but didn’t regard this as a competition, it was primarily a way of sharing our interests in the Korean language and K-pop with students from the other Central Vietnam universities. The audience encouragement motivated us to try harder and I hope that many others will now join our club and support us.”         
Bringing club members together through their love of singing and dancing 
Over more than 2 years, the DTU K-pop Club has increased its membership rapidly, although we still face challenges scheduling practice sessions convenient for all members and creating a fun but efficient environment. Meanwhile, we also need to produce high quality performances, choreographing and choosing appropriate clothing for dances. 
Nhóm nh?y KPOP c?a ÐH Duy Tân “rinh” gi?i Ba và ?n tu?ng t?i “KPOP Festival”
A Most Impressive Prize for the “Breathe” song
It is the love for K-pop and their enjoyment of dancing that motivates students to spend hours practicing dancing. Gradually, the club is drawing draws on their teamwork and scheduling skills. The club meanwhile allows them to relax after working hard and a way of establishing new relationships. 
We often think that making music is all fun, however, in order to do our best in any field we choose to follow, we must overcome many uncomfortable situations to improve ourselves. 
Tran Thi Kim Ha Phuong, president of the DTU K-pop Club, said: “In addition to scheduling our team activities, we often have problems practicing. Sometimes, members are lightly injured, and we have to take a break. Other times we perspire profusely, but because of our passion for K-pop, we always try our best to give the audience the best performances. Our happiness is that we can pursue and fulfil our passion.” 
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