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DTU Grants Overcoming Adversity Scholarships to Two Strong-willed Students

Ho Dan Chinh, from Gio Linh in Quang Tri province, and Ho Van Nguyen, from Hiep Duc in Quang Nam, have overcome adversity and done well in their studies, despite both being disabled in their legs. They were admitted for Pharmacy and Software Technology studies at DTU respectively, and awarded partial scholarships covering 50% of tuition throughout the course, in order to motivate these strong-willed students. 
Ho Dan Chinh lost both legs in an accident and wants to become a pharmacist  
In his early childhood, Ho Dan Chinh was involved in a car crash. He has undergone an arduous journey ever since and always needs help in carrying out his daily activities. Ho Dan Chinh said: “I lost my legs when I was two years old, so my parents and relatives carried me until I graduated from primary school. Meanwhile, I learned how to move around with two chairs in my hands since the 6th grade but always have them beside me wherever I go”. 
H?c b?ng dành cho hai sinh viên giàu ngh? l?c vu?t lên s? ph?n
Ho Dan Chinh (4th from the left, holding the flag)   
Despite his adversity, Ho Dan Chinh has tried to remain optimistic and mentally positive in all situations, and has pushed himself to the limit. Nick Vujicic, who has no limbs at all, has also overcome his adversity and, through his bravery, has realized that life is a gift that is limitless. In fact, Nick has motivated Ho Dan Chinh to have confidence in himself and achieve his personal goals.
Ho Dan Chinh explained: "My mother sells bread, and my father sells ice to earn a living. I am the first child, and have two younger brothers. In addition to paying household expenses and tuition for us, they also have to pay back debt. The DTU scholarship will reduce their burden and motivate me to study even harder. I dream of becoming a Pharmacist, because my physical disability and this major are very compatible in my situation.” 
Ho Van Nguyen: Clubfoot and Congenital Muscular Atrophy, Still Set on Becoming Skilled IT Engineer
Ho Van Nguyen has always been determined to go to school and has always aspired to becoming a professional IT engineer, despite the fact that he was born with a clubfoot and muscular atrophy in both legs, into an impoverished family. Now will and determination have enabled him to start university studies and pursue his dream to the end.
H?c b?ng dành cho hai sinh viên giàu ngh? l?c vu?t lên s? ph?n
Ho Van Nguyen
Ho Van Nguyen’s deformity does not allow him to walk normally and he requires support from his family in most activities. As the second child of four, he always tells himself to study hard, and find a good job with a steady income to sustain himself and his parents.
“My parents took such great care of their disabled baby from birth, and tried everything to restore the function of my legs, but to no avail,” explains Ho Van Nguyen. “Since I started school, my mother has been the one to pick me up and accompany me always, and has put in much effort to make a living and allow me to go to school like other children my age, so I will always try my best in my studies to please them both.”
Although Ho Van Nguyen is restricted in his life and studies, he is still strong-willed and determined. His scholarship will motivate him during the next four years and help his family.
“Since my final year of high school, my family and I have focused on choosing a university major appropriate to my circumstances. We looked for one close to home, so my parents could help me get around while doing their seasonal farm work in the countryside,” added Ho Van Nguyen. “Furthermore, I had heard from relatives and friends that DTU is strong in IT education and that the employment rate of practically skilled graduates is very high, so I decided to enroll there. My starting point is more complex than others, but I’ll work harder, sustain myself, support my family, and help others in situations similar to my own.”
Ho Dan Chinh and Ho Van Nguyen’s path ahead will still entail many hardships and challenges, but with support from DTU and their determination to never give up, these two strong-willed aspiring young men will undoubtedly convert their difficulties into ways of reaching up and succeeding in the future.
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