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DTU Students Win Foreign Scholarships

Two Gen-Z students of DTU, Diep The Khai, majoring in Japanese for Translation & Interpretation, and Nguyen Huu Nho, graduated in Tourism & Hospitality Management (PSU) and were awarded scholarships by the Japanese and South Korean governments.
Diep The Khai: Japanese government scholarship for advanced Japanese ability
The Khai is only a 2nd year student of Japanese for Translation & Interpretation at DTU but passed the N2-level proficiency test in Japanese, equivalent to level 5 in the six-level Foreign Language Proficiency Framework for Vietnam. The Khai  rapidly established a solid foundation in the Japanese language and worked hard to develop the necessary professional skills. He is currently Chairman of the DTU Japanese Club.
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Diep The Khai
The Khai received the Japanese government scholarship (the MEXT Monbukagakusho scholarship) to study Japanese language & culture for one year at a Japanese university. The scholarship is granted annually by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, & Technology to outstanding foreign students.
“I spent five hours a day studying Japanese,” says Khai, “and was always motivated to do better than the day before. Learning pictographic languages like Japanese, Korean, and Chinese is quite time-consuming for Vietnamese, because it requires a strong memory to correctly recognize and remember the characters.”
“With dedication, however, all language barriers can be overcome. For the past two years, I’ve thoroughly practiced my listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and always believe that, if we aim for the best opportunities, we will be lucky. I’d like to thank all DTU Faculty of Japanese Language lecturers for always being available to support me, for creating the ideal study conditions, helping me learn how to take interviews and write essays, which all enabled me to win this Japanese government scholarship. This is definitely a unique opportunity for me to perfect the language of the land of the Sakura.”
Nguyen Huu Nho: A Hospitality alumnus receives a Korean government scholarship
Nguyen Huu Nho graduated in Tourism & Hospitality Management at the DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute (HTi), and received a scholarship from the South Korean government to study in the graduate Hospitality program at Dong-A University in Korea.
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Nguyen Huu Nho
The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) is a full scholarship sponsored by the government of South Korea to fund international students to attend major universities and research institutes in South Korea, in order to promote international educational exchange and friendship between the two countries.
In 2021, with a degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management (PSU) and a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.80/4.00, Nho also obtained a TOEIC score of 840/990 in the English language and was then employed by Gear Vietnam.
However, his dream of studying abroad never left him, as well as his desire for more experience in his chosen profession.
“I wanted to study in Korea from the time I participated in a DTU cultural exchange program in Hospitality at Sejong University in Korea in 2021,” said Nho. “During the Covid breakout I had to learn online but still had the opportunity to meet, communicate with, and share information, their culture and language with Korean native speakers and directly improve my proficiency in their language. Even though I graduated and started working after that, I still wanted to go to Korea to study and experience the country.”
Nho was awarded the prestigious graduate scholarship in Hospitality for his excellent essays, his solid long-term study plans, an outstanding letter of recommendation, diverse extracurricular activities and much practical work experience. His foreign-language certificates and ability to express himself confidently and honestly during interviews added strength to his application.
“I’m really grateful to DTU for their dynamic educational environment and dedicated lecturers,” explains Nho. “In addition, the friendly competition with my skilled and hard-working classmates motivated me to learn and develop to my full potential. I hope that my time in Korea will teach me more about Hotel & Tourism Management and provide a deeper theoretical and practical understanding of starting and managing a Hospitality business, allowing me to ultimately contribute to the development of tourism in Vietnam.”
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