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A full scholarship for a Quang Binh student who overcame many difficulties

Hardship struck Ha Nguyen Nguyen Chi’s already impoverished family when her parents separated. She ended up living in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh, with her octogenarian grandmother, her father and younger sister. Her father struggles with his health but spends his day delivering water, ice and gas.
Thanks to her determination however, Nguyen Chi does well in her studies and, with a fairly high score of 24.54/30 points, she was accepted for Software Engineering studies at DTU. In view of her situation, DTU granted her a full scholarship covering tuition throughout the course and opened the door to this energetic young woman’s future.
“If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine”
Growing up in a poor family, Chi has faced many difficulties. To make things worse, when she entered junior- high, her parents  unfortunately separated and she experienced a harsh challenge. 
“At the beginning, my mother sent money to my father to help with the cost of our education,” explained Nguyen Chi, almost in tears. “But in 7th grade, I don’t know what happened, but completely lost contact with her. My sister is now in the 4th grade, we don’t own any farming land and depend solely on my grandmother’s pension and money from my father’s small income. 
Nguyên Chi nh?p h?c t?i ÐH Duy Tân v?i ni?m vui l?n nó khi nh?n du?c H?c b?ng Toàn ph?n
Nguyen Chi 
“Just last year, my father fell off his motorbike, making his work difficult. This year grandmother turned eighty, their health is worsening and I love them very much. I’m still young and nobody will pay me to work, so I can only support my father with housework, take care of my sister and teach her. Meanwhile, I study hard to prepare myself for a steady job in the future, to afford medicine for grandmother and father, and continue to support my sister.”
Despite her worries and the great sadness of no longer having a united family, Chi never gets discouraged or gives up. Her biggest motivation to keep striving hard in her life and studies. Throughout her three years at senior-high, Chi maintained the titles of the most improved student and the most skilled student in her class and school. Her favorite motto is, “If you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.” She has taught herself how to remain strong and never allows herself to be weak or afraid of dealing with her difficulties. Chi always tries her best in everything, and, whenever she gets results, she is never disappointed, regardless of what they may be.
Chi will study Software Engineering at DTU, the field she loves so much, and is even more steadfast in her belief that continued hard work will allow her to realize her dreams, and that only a university education can eventually help her achieve her goals.
A full scholarship sends her to university
Financial issues were the Chi’s biggest barrier on the way to university. “When I received the admission notice, I was overjoyed, but considered the cost and decided to find a job to earn money beforehand. My grandmother and father didn’t agree. He said, “No matter how hard, I’ll try and let you finish university.” He then borrowed money everywhere in the hope of collecting enough to pay my tuition fees.
“So we were all ecstatic on the day of admission, when the DTU Board of Directors found out about my family’s situation and awarded me a full scholarship. It’s a very valuable and motivating gesture that will now give me peace of mind during my studies and overcome our worries about tuition fees. My father has also been relieved of a huge burden.”
ngành Công ngh? Ph?n m?m
Nguyen Chi with her classmates at senior-high
Besides studying hard, Chi enjoys reading and playing badminton. She believes that reading increases her patience and expands her knowledge in many different ways, while badminton improves her health, which strengthens her in her studies and life in general. Her story will inspire us all. Whatever happens, we should never give up, but instead will always strive every day for a brighter tomorrow.
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