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Japanese Experts Train DTU Nursing Students

From September 5 to 8, the second Sakura training program was held at DTU, where the Suganuma Company and the Healthcare Accelerator (HA) Group updated students on the latest developments in the field of Nursing and gave them the opportunity to practice with Japanese experts.
Participants play the role of elderly people
The program was implemented as part of the agreement of February 2023 between DTU, the Suganuma Company and the Healthcare Accelerator Medical Group, with the first course of 25 DTU Nursing students under the instruction of the HA Group. The 2nd course was attended by 27 senior students, and several of them passed the interview to work in Japan.
Participants learn how to care for the elderly 
The DTU Nursing students learned about dementia, pressure ulcer prevention, elderly rehabilitation and how to prevent infection in Japanese hospitals. Topics also included instruction on daily activities, such as oral hygiene, body hygiene, eating, position changing and using a wheelchair. The Sakura course provided the students with a better understanding of the emerging technologies involved in the care and support of older people in Japan.
Kieu Anh Sang is a 3rd year Nursing student. She said: “The Sakura course enables us to improve our knowledge and professional skills with the help of Japanese experts. At DTU, we learn about family nursing for the elderly, including rehabilitation, infection control and so on. However, this course teaches us about the technical  innovations in elderly care in Japan that we can apply in the future, especially if we go to work in Japan, which l boosts my self-confidence. We also learn how to communicate in Japanese with doctors and nurses in Japan and become acquainted with Japanese working methods and culture.”
All course participants receive a Certificate of Completion, which will help broaden internship and career opportunities for DTU Nursing students in the future. 
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