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Agreement with Chodang University in Korea

On November 24, DTU signed an agreement with Chodang University, in Korea, attended by Chodang University President, Mr. Park Jong-koo, DTU Provost Dr Le Nguyen Bao and other representatives.
Mr. Park Jong-koo speaks
“With our goal of “Nurturing talent with creative ideas and innovative techniques”, Chodang University aims to graduate the leaders of the Industrial Revolution 4.0,” explained Mr. Jong-koo. “Chodang University and DTU were both founded in 1994, and we both offer programs in Hospitality and Tourism. Today is a milestone in our relationship and hopefully we will expand our cooperation in other directions in the near future. I can now foresee a long-term and sustainable bilateral relationship between our two institutions.”
DTU and Chodang University at the signing 
In order to share and develop advanced educational programs, DTU and Chodang University agreed to:
- Work together in fields the universities specialize in, such as Aviation Services, Health Sciences, and Hospitality & Tourism
- Offer short-term exchange programs in the Korean language, business practices and culture 
- Organize exchange programs for undergraduate students
- Develop and offer joint Master’s and PhD graduate programs
“Compared to other universities in Vietnam, DTU has more Korean staff and lecturers,” added Dr. Bao. “As a result, our relationships with Korean universities are already strong, which enhances the solidarity and friendship between our two countries. I’ve visited Korea often and discovered that our two countries can learn many things from each other, ranging from culture, education to the economy. I hope that our partnership will continue to grow even more durable and long-term.”
Chodang University has the motto “Educating students with all our heart” and is located in the South Jeolla province in South Korea, considered to be the cultural center of the region. It is located adjacent to the Sino-Korean International Industrial Park and the Muan County Aviation Industry Park, so Chodang University students have access to a variety of economically well-developed programs.
Despite its relative youth, Chodang University has a reputation of delivering high quality education to thousands of excellent students and has the highest rate of graduates finding immediate employment in South Korea. As well as normal study programs, Chodang University also offers international volunteer programs and foreign-language courses to enhance student knowledge and skills. In particular, Chodang University has established the Flight Education Center at the nearby Muan International Airport, with international-standard training and the most modern technology in the world, the first of its kind in South Korea.
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