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The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization signs a Comprehensive Agreement with DTU

On September 1st, DTU signed a comprehensive agreement with the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO). 
T? ch?c B? tru?ng Giáo d?c Ðông Nam Á ký k?t h?p tác toàn di?n v?i Tru?ng Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
The signing ceremony
Accordingly, DTU and the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization agree to work together to make use of both partners’ potential and strengths. Both sides pledge to optimally support each other to realize the necessary steps to encourage and boost collaboration in the following:
? coordinate the implementation of programs and projects on higher education, especially promoting quality, equity, inclusion, gender equality, and transnational education,
? organize regional conferences, seminars, and training courses for the professional development of educators in Southeast Asia,
? coordinate the organization of the ASEAN Higher Education Forum in the region,
? cooperative research & development programs,
? professional exchange & development programs,
? student-focused programs and student engagement in higher education,
In October 2019, DTU was chosen by the SEAMEO secretariat to host and co-organize The 6th Southeast Asian Technical & Vocational Education & Training conference in Danang. This was the first conference SEAMEO held in Vietnam and it attracted 160 representatives from 64 education institutions in Southeast Asia.
SEAMEO is an international and intergovernmental organization. It was founded on November 30, 1965, to promote regional collaboration in education, sciences, and culture, and counts eleven member states: Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, East Timor, Myanmar, and Vietnam.
SEAMEO affiliated members are eight nations: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, and the UK; and five organizations: the International Council for Open & Distance Education (ICDE), the University of Tsukuba, the British Council, the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), and the Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) under the auspices of UNESCO.

The organisation's highest policy-making body is the SEAMEO Council, which comprises the 11 Southeast Asian education ministers. The SEAMEO Secretariat is located in Bangkok, Thailand. SEAMEO’s activities focus mainly on developing human resources in Southeast Asia through quality improvement and by guaranteeing equity in education, preventive medicine, traditional culture, training, research, IT, languages, poverty alleviation, agriculture, and natural resources.

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