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A Workshop on “How to Write a CV and Answer Interview Questions”

On October 1st, DTU jointly held a workshop with Sekisho Vietnam on the topic of “How to write a CV and answer interview questions”. Many students attended. 
Sekisho Vietnam recruits qualified staff to work in Japanese companies. It holds an annual job fair to identify talented candidates and explains typical corporate programs to those interested in working in Japan.
H?i th?o “Hu?ng d?n cách vi?t CV và Ð?i sách ph?ng v?n”
Mr. Araki Kiyotoshi speaks at the workshop
Mr. Araki Kiyotoshi, from Sekisho Vietnam, told the DTU students how to write a detailed CV, including a suitable photo and specific and meaningful personal information. He also provided tips on interview techniques, including dressing professionally, researching the company beforehand, speaking clearly and confidently, highlighting unique personal capabilities and answering the employer’s questions briefly, directly, honestly and positively.
  H?i th?o “Hu?ng d?n cách vi?t CV và Ð?i sách ph?ng v?n”
DTU lecturers and students with representatives of Sekisho Vietnam
Mr. Kiyotoshi added: “Completing a successful interview has several requirements and your responses will greatly affect the result. According to the “Mehrabian” rule, the most important factors in a conversation are body language, at 55%, voice tone at 38%%, with only 7% attributed to the words you actually use. Do not give unnecessarily long answers, stay positive, smile and control your body language.”     
Mr. Kiyotoshi then answered questions and spoke about other notable points that Japanese employers care about during interviews. He provided further information on current job opportunities in Japan and the benefits and conditions to prepare for before working in the “Land of the Rising Sun”. He also recommended that, in particular, they should always concentrate on improving their teamwork and time management skills.
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