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Pham Thi Mai Lan, Who Bagged Gold in Viet Nam's National Kickboxing Championship 2020, Admitted to DTU

In the academic year 2022-2023, DTU is attracting many applicants who have won medals or set down records at national competitions and SEA Games. One of them is Pham Thi Mai Lan from Dak Lak, who won Gold in Viet Nam's National Kickboxing Championship 2020 and who was officially admitted to the DTU General Practitioner program in 2022.
Mai Lan said: “I have been practising sports since I was a child, including 4 years of karate. In my 9th grade, I was passionate about volleyball but I am not tall enough to play this kind of sport. From my experience with karate, I was oriented by the instructor to become a kickboxing athlete. The more I practice karate, the more I enjoy it. Personally speaking, once we discover our passion, we will find our path to success. Luckily, my family always encourage me and support my choice, which motivates me to continue to strive to reach my goals.”
Cô gái giành huy chuong vàng kickboxing toàn qu?c trúng tuy?n vào ÐH Duy Tân nam 2022
Mai Lan wins a gold medal in the National Kickboxing Championship 2020
Every year of high school was a memorable milestone for Mai Lan as she had to move to a new school to make it easier for her kickboxing training. Although she is passionate about practicing sports, Mai Lan has never neglected her studies. She went to school in the morning, practised kickboxing in the afternoon and attended extra courses in the evening. She had to practise very hard before every tournament so she had to stay up late to study. She didn’t have much time even to entertain herself.
“My life motto is: “On the path to success there is no footprint of the lazy”. That's why I always do my best for my plans. I am very proud of what I have achieved. Also, I never feel disappointed about what I have not obtained. Instead, I feed lessons I have learned back into the process of setting my next goals,” says Lan.
Mai Lan’s persistence and great efforts have paid off as she has reaped "sweet fruits" in both competition and study. In 2020, she won the Gold Medal at the National Young Kickboxing Championship. She won the title of Excellent Student when she was in grade 12 of high school.
Dream of becoming a cosmetologist
Mai Lan shares: “I have a strong passion for sports and I used to think that I would make sports a career.  However, I got unfortunate injuries and cannot continue to practice kickboxing any longer. I also dream of becoming a cosmetologist, so I decided to enroll in the General Practitioner program at DTU to realize my dream." 
Cô gái giành huy chuong vàng kickboxing toàn qu?c trúng tuy?n vào ÐH Duy Tân nam 2022
Mai Lan performs kickboxing
With a total score of 25.05 points and excellent sports achievements, Mai Lan was awarded a 50% scholarship for the first year of the course by DTU. She says: “My family make a living by farming, so what worries my parents when sending their children to university is finances. Therefore, my parents and I are very happy to receive the 50% scholarship for the first year of the course from DTU, which will be a great motivation for me to make more efforts to achieve good results in my studies. Hopefully, I will be able to continue to receive the scholarship in the next academic years.” 
Mai Lan has finished packing for her journey at DTU. She is eager to meet her new teachers and friends on the first day of the new school year and has a lot of expectations about her future career.
These days in her hometown, Mai Lan has already prepared her personal belongings and necessary items to prepare for her university life away from home. The girl is very eagerly waiting for the first day of school to meet her new teachers and friends.
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