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Le Thi Nhi, Who Won Bronze at the 2022 SEA Games, Admitted to DTU

Besides applicants with excellent High School Graduation Exam (HSGE) grades, DTU attracts those who have won medals and set down records at national competitions and SEA Games.
Right after young talent swimmer Nguyen Huu Kim Son, who won gold twice at the SEA Games in 2017 and 2022, chose to study Business Administration at DTU, female kickboxer Le Thi Nhi, who won bronze at the 2022 SEA Games, was officially admitted to DTU in 2022. A 70% scholarship for the full course was awarded to Le Thi Nhi to realize her dream by signing up for Tourism Culture at DTU.
From the prestigious medal at the 31st SEA GAMES
Although Nhi is a kickboxer, she is a small girl with a lovely face. She says: “When people have seen me do kickboxing for the first time, they are afraid to start a conversation with me. But when they know me more, the relationship will become closer. Since I was a child, I have been very friendly and wanted to have many friends. My parents were always busy with their own small business in a town in Duc Co, Gia Lai province, so I learned to be strong and mature to help my parents take care of my younger sisters and brothers.”      
Huy chuong Ð?ng SEA Games Lê Th? Nhi trúng tuy?n vào ÐH Duy Tân
Le Thi Nhi receives a bronze medal at the 31st SEA GAMES
Nhi has had a passion for martial arts since she was a child, but only when she was 15 years old, could she learn martial arts at the Traditional Martial Arts Club in Chu Ty town. It was unexpected that the masters at the Gia Lai Provincial Training and Competition Center discovered Nhi’s talent and chose her to become one of the gifted athletes for the Gia Lai kickboxing team. In September 2020, Nhi was selected to join the national kickboxing team. This was a big turning point in her life when she just turned 17.   
Balancing time to study at school while practicing kickboxing for national competitions is the most difficult thing for national athletes. Although Nhi is very interested in kickboxing and is also supported by her family, as a female athlete, she had to put in lots of effort to overcome difficulties. Le Thi Nhi says: “At first, I missed my family very much. I also felt lost needing to do everything by myself. Kickboxing is a sport that requires athletes to achieve high physical fitness, so I have to put in more effort to practice my good punches and kicks and overcome difficulties in each training session. Besides, I must go to school to acquire knowledge. The schedules of studying at school and kickboxing training sessions were very tight, so I had no time to rest. Injuries during exercise and competitions also made me exhausted. However, after a while, I adapted to everything and achieved my desired results and I studied better.”
Huy chuong Ð?ng SEA Games Lê Th? Nhi trúng tuy?n vào ÐH Duy Tân
Practicing kickboxing hard helps Nhi win many prizes
Nhi was honored to be voted as “Gia Lai province’s Exemplary Young Citizen” and to become the representative of Gia Lai to the National Congress of Advanced Young People Following Uncle Ho’s Words. Moreover, Nhi won many medals in regional, national, and provincial competitions, including:
- Bronze medal in Kickboxing in the 31st SEA Games in 2022,
- Gold medal at the 2020 & 2021 National Kickboxing Championships,
- Silver medal at the 2020 Youth Kickboxing Tournament,
- Bronze medal at the 2020 Kickboxing Championship,
- Gold Medal at the 2019 Youth Kickboxing Tournament,
- Silver Medal at the 2019 Kickboxing Championship.
The 31st SEA Games were here first big contest, and Nhi showed her bravery and talent when she won the bronze medal in “full contact” in the female 56 kg weight class. This was a historic individual medal for Gia Lai province because this was the first time an athlete coming from Gia Lai won a medal at the SEA games 
… to the “golden opportunity” to be admitted to Tourism Culture at DTU 
To Nhi, in addition to kickboxing, her biggest concern is to find the answers to questions like “Who will I become?” and “What will I do in the future to feed myself and live with my passions?” 
Huy chuong Ð?ng SEA Games Lê Th? Nhi trúng tuy?n vào ÐH Duy Tân
Le Thi Nhi receives gold medals at the 2021 and 2022 National Kickboxing Championships
Nhi says: “Before, I intended to apply to a university of physical education and sports, but I desire to become a tour guide. Therefore, I spent time searching for universities that offer the major that I wish to pursue.  I am extremely satisfied with the learning environment, facilities, and training program at DTU. I think students can improve their abilities, showcase their personalities, and achieve high results in studying or looking for job opportunities at DTU.”
She continues nurturing the desire to become a tour guide to have opportunities to go to many places to introduce international and domestic friends to the culture, cuisine, architecture, and beautiful landscapes of Vietnam. Perhaps that's why she was very happy to receive the news she had been admitted to Duy Tan University. Nhi says: "I felt extremely happy when I received the letter of admission from DTU and was awarded the 70% scholarship for the full course at DTU. It is a good start for me to step by step realize my dream. I will be able to overcome many challenges during the 4 years at university, so I will try my best to study hard to become a good tour guide.I always think that difficulties are obstacles to enrich our lives. Overcoming them means to conquer ourselves.”  
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