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Former South Korean Vice-Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Appointed Rector of DTU School of Hospitality and Tourism

Prof.Dr. Mo Chul Min, Former South Korean Vice-Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism has just been appointed Rector of the DTU School of Hospitality and Tourism. 
Nguyên Th? tru?ng Hàn Qu?c làm Hi?u tru?ng Tru?ng Du l?ch, ÐH Duy Tân
Prof.Dr. Mo Chul Min at DTU
Due to his good impression of  Vietnamese students’ sincerity and intelligence and the DTU development strategy - Top 100 best universities in Asia in 2022 (according to THE) - Prof. Dr. Mo Chul Min chose DTU to take up a new challenge.
From a senior officer devoted to the development of South Korea 
After obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration from Sungkyunkwan University, a Bachelor of Public Policy from Seoul National University in South Korea and a PhD degree in Tourism & Entertainment from the University of Oregon in the US, Prof. Dr. Mo Chul Min held many important positions in the Government of South Korea during the next 35 years (from 1982 to 2017)
Dr. Mo Chul Min said: "After serving as the Korean ambassador to France in December 2017, I completed my 35 years of public service. Since then, I’ve been teaching young university students, sharing my experiences and knowledge of public service. I taught at the Department of International Tourism at Dong-A University and the Graduate School of Tourism at Kyung Hee University in South Korea. In addition, I’ve been involved in social activities, such as helping the traditional music orchestra of the visually impaired."
Prof.Dr Mo Chul Min held many important positions, including:
- Director of the Department of Tourism Industry of the MCST (from August 2007 to December 2008)
- General Secretary of the South Korean Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (from December 2008 to December 2009);
- Vice-Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea (from June 2010 to December 2011);
- Senior Secretary General of the South Korean President on Education, Culture, Sports & Tourism, (from January 2013 to December 2014);
- Korean ambassador to France (from August 2015 to December 2017);
During his 35 years devoted to the development of South Korea, Prof. Dr. Mo Chul Min was awarded many certificates of merit and medals, including: Certificate of Merit from the President of the Republic of Korea in 1992, the Order of Literature & Arts awarded by the French Government in 2007, the Order of Contributions to the Career by the Government of the Republic of Korea in 2012.
... to Rector of the DTU School of Hospitality and Tourism
While working as ambassador in Paris, Dr. Mo Chul Min maintained a close relationship with the Vietnamese ambassador to France, Nguyen Son, and his wife from Da Nang, so he had a good impression of Vietnam and Danang. While teaching several Vietnamese students at Korean universities, he was impressed with their sincerity, intelligence, and respect for teachers. 
Prof.Dr. Mo Chul Min said:  “I had a conversation with my longtime acquaintance, Im Sang-taek, Vice - Provost of DTU, and I realized that I wanted to work at DTU. Thanks to Prof. Im Sang-taek, I had a conversation with Dr. Tue Hang. I was touched by her will and passion to grow DTU into a world-class university and was motivated by the fact that DTU is a dynamic university that develops day by day. That is why I have decided to work for DTU. I will make a small contribution to the growth of DTU into a world-class university.”
Nguyên Th? tru?ng Hàn Qu?c làm Hi?u tru?ng Tru?ng Du l?ch, ÐH Duy Tân
Prof.Dr. Mo Chul Min was appointed Rector of the DTU School of Hospitality and Tourism 
According to Prof.Dr. Mo Chul Min, the DTU's tourism program deserves the highest evaluation in Vietnam. Recently, DTU’s tourism programs have been accredited by the UNWTO as a TedQual institution, which means that these programs are recognized worldwide in terms of quality of the tourism education, training and research programs.
As the Dean of the DTU Hospitality and Tourism Institute, Prof.Dr. Mo Chul Min’s strategies are to focus on three areas to further refine and broaden these excellent programs.     
- First of all, the university’s tourism program must be able to meet the demands of tourists and of the tourism industry. Competencies must be developed and trained so that students can lead change while meeting the demands of the industry. 
 - Tourism knows no borders, although restrictions still remain due to the pandemic. Tourism is a business that delivers experiences from heart to heart. In order to serve a diverse range of tourists, students must go out into the widest possible world and experience cultural diversity. To this end, the breadth and depth of international exchange among students will be expanded.
- The College of Tourism cannot grow alone. The College of Tourism can develop through joint projects, joint research, joint planning, and joint fund raising by forming partnerships with various institutions, including companies, research institutions, universities, public institutions, and governments, not only in Vietnam but also worldwide.
Nguyên Th? tru?ng Hàn Qu?c làm Hi?u tru?ng Tru?ng Du l?ch, ÐH Duy Tân
Prof.Dr. Mo Chul Min poses for a picture with the DTU Board of Provosts and lecturers
According to Prof. Dr. Mo Chul Min, since DTU was evaluated as one of the best universities in Vietnam in the world university evaluation, Korean universities have recently started making frequent requests for exchange and cooperation. 
The establishment of DTU's exchanges with excellent universities in Korea has brought in certain effects in its training activities. Exchanges with universities in Korea, Vietnam's main partner in various fields such as tourism, trade and investment, are planned to be strengthened.
The Korean youth's interest in Vietnam is increasing since there are many cultural similarities and commonalities. “So I think conditions are being created to deepen the bond between students from both countries. This will not only provide students with excellent opportunities to learn about cultural diversity, but also provide great help in developing their future careers," said Prof. Dr. Mo Chul Min.
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