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First “Innovative Foreign Language Teaching Method” Conference

In order to assess the quality of teaching languages like English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese at the DTU School of Foreign Languages and Social Humanities, DTU held the first “Innovative Foreign Language Teaching Method” conference on May 27th.
H?i ngh? “Ð?i m?i phuong pháp gi?ng d?y ngo?i ng? l?n th? nh?t”
Prof. Chun Kyung Soo addresses the opening ceremony of the conference
Leaders of the School of Foreign Languages & Social Humanities and many DTU lecturers attended the conference. Prof. Chun Kyung Soo, the School of Foreign Languages and Social Humanities Provost, said: “With my many years of experience as a language lecturers, I realize that it is very difficult for students to discover the mistakes they make themselves when they study languages. They need the instruction and support of lecturers to correct their errors. Hopefully, the quality reports at the conference will help lecturers find better language teaching methods.”
6 out of 10 reports were presented at the conference:
+ “Survey and proposing some active learning methods for students majoring in languages with an elementary level of Japanese” by lecturers Trinh Thi Ngoc Trinh and Cap Thi Ngoc Huyen. 
+ “Applying the “teaching with games” method to teaching Chinese” by lecturers Bui Thi Thanh Lam and Le Thi Bich Phuong. 
+ “Applying the language comparison method to teaching and learning Chinese” by lecturer Pham Minh Hang.
+ “Some activities for teaching interpretation for students majoring in Languages in Interpretation & Translation” by lecturer Pham Dac Quynh Anh. 
+ “Status of applying IT to teaching English online at DTU” by lecturer Le Hoang Hoai Khanh.
+ “Changing teaching methods into active learning approach in order to engage non-English majored students and promote their activeness during online speaking classes at DTU” by lecturers Le Thi Oanh and Nguyen Thi Kim Man.
H?i ngh? “Ð?i m?i phuong pháp gi?ng d?y ngo?i ng? l?n th? nh?t”
Lecturers pose for a photo at the conference
The reports presented many interesting ways to change the methods to teach students language skills, knowledge about languages, and specialized translation-interpretation. The conference provided orientations, initiatives, and solutions for language teaching methods and proposed suitable language teaching methods. This was also a forum where lecturers could have discussions and encourage and praise lecturers who took initiatives and set down outstanding achievements in this field.
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