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The DTU School of Engineering & Technology Offers Key Majors in the 4.0 Era

In November 2020, Duy Tan University was reorganized into five member schools and two training institutes, as a foundation for future strategic development. In addition to the School of Engineering & Technology, the International School also offers several Engineering & Technology majors, namely advanced international programs, from CSU Engineering & Architecture, and PNU Electrical Engineering and Mechatronics.
Tru?ng Công ngh? - K? thu?t c?a ÐH Duy Tân dào t?o các ngành tr?ng di?m c?a k? nguyên 4.0
American universities share advanced international programs with DTU
Engineering & technology majors offered in SET and IS:
- Electrical Engineering: minors in Electrical Automation, Telecommunications and PNU standard Electrical Engineering
- Automotive Engineering Technology: minors in Automotive Engineering Technology, Automotive Electromechanics
- Automation & Control Engineering; Electrical Engineering
- Mechatronics: minor in PNU standard Mechatronics
- Graphic Design; Fashion Design
- Architecture: minors in Architecture, CSU standard Architecture, Interior Design
- Construction Engineering: minors in Civil & Industrial Engineering, CSU-standard Civil & Traffic Construction Engineering, Road & Bridge Construction
- Food Technology; Environmental Technology & Engineering, Natural Resources & Environmental Management, Machine Manufacturing
The strongest majors:
- Electronics & Mechanics: DTU works with Purdue University, ranked fourth in technology & engineering in the US, to offer advanced international programs and invests in the latest equipment, including the Kasuga V10 CNC system, the S7-300 and S7-1200 PLC machines from Siemens and the industrial UR3 robot arms from Universal Robotics.
These manufacturers are 100% automated, use CNC machines instead of traditional systems controlled by automated design software from beginning to end, following digitized drawings, which always generates the excitement of students working in these fields.
Tru?ng Công ngh? - K? thu?t c?a ÐH Duy Tân dào t?o các ngành tr?ng di?m c?a k? nguyên 4.0
DTU’s impressive equipment arouses student enthusiasm
Engineering & Architecture: These majors are most noteworthy because their next-generation software can produce automatic designs and robots to quickly print 3D houses, ensuring the same technical standards and occupational safety as before. Architects and engineers can use the latest technology to challenge their creativity and inventiveness.
The DTU practice rooms and construction laboratories are fully equipped with Trimble GNSS survey equipment and electronic stations, to enable students access to the world’s most advanced technology. The materials science, mechanics, hydraulics and construction inspection laboratories are equipped with ultrasound and crack & displacement measuring devices which are now vital in the future research and development of the construction industry in Vietnam.
Students can also build information models (BIM). This application has already been implemented on a digital platform with auxiliary fields, as part of a series of construction projects related to mechanics, automation, electricity, electronics, water supply & drainage, environmental sciences and interior design, providing a great advantage over other universities, where these systems have still to be offered.
The Architecture major has added new software applications, like Revit, AutoCAD, and 3ds Max, to its curriculum and also uses BIM and virtual reality technology to improve the management of design projects, enabling them to test ideas with only a sketch, which ensures accuracy and visualization.
DTU collaborates with California State University Fullerton and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to offer advanced international architecture & engineering programs in Central Vietnam.  
- Environmental Sciences & Food technology: Agricultural and industrial research is now important in the context of global digital transformation, with many new products under development. However, environmental pollution, climate change, biodiversity degradation and natural resource depletion problems demand that strategies be put in place to utilize and manage new and special technologies, in order to improve the efficiency of research related to the environment, natural resources and food technology.
DTU has invested in equipment such as the UV-VIS PG T80+, the Hirayama sterilizer and incubators for early identification, examination and advice on pollution levels, and the use of this advanced equipment during their university years guarantees students immediate employment on graduation. 
- Graphic Design and Fashion Design: During the pandemic, the need for virtual systems that can handle university classes and business meetings alike has led to the rapid development of new technology, boosting the development of business sectors like graphic and fashion design. DTU’s continuing investment in highly configurable computers and the latest equipment for cutting fabric, sewing, and clothes design in general, has inspired students to major in applied fine arts, which has recently become very popular.
Tru?ng Công ngh? - K? thu?t c?a ÐH Duy Tân dào t?o các ngành tr?ng di?m c?a k? nguyên 4.0
“Made in DTU” products
DTU’s three mechanics workshops, eight laboratories, and the Center for Electrical Engineering (CEE) and the Center for Mechanical Engineering (CME), enable students to research the manufacturing of high-quality products and tap opportunities for commercialization.
Several “Made in DTU” products have been developed, including an electric wheelchair for the disabled, a smart robot for restaurants and another that helps pedestrians cross roads.
All DTU Engineering & Technology majors find immediate employment
Many majors, previously viewed as difficult to find a job with, are now in high demand, but supply is now too low.
- Architecture: Every year, hundreds of vacancies at companies owned by DTU alumni await qualified professionals on graduation. Agreements have been signed for internships and full-time employment at Jibannet Asia and VACS in Japan, and the An Cuong, VICO Corp and CDC Design companies in Vietnam.
Tru?ng Công ngh? - K? thu?t c?a ÐH Duy Tân dào t?o các ngành tr?ng di?m c?a k? nguyên 4.0
DTU students conduct their research on the latest equipment
Architects and engineers graduating from DTU can expect monthly salaries from 10 to 15 million VND, quickly rising from 20 to 30 million after the necessary work experience. Those with project management experience in particular may be promoted to ultimately direct major projects and earn from 70 to 100 million VND per month.
Several DTU students of Architecture & Engineering have been recognized for their accomplishments, even prior to graduation, winning in the 14th annual IDEERS Asia-Pacific Champions’ Cup in Taiwan, with their earthquake-resistant buildings project and also 15 Loa Thanh prizes, awarded to the best graduation projects in engineering & architecture nationwide, including the very first prize, in 2010 in Danang.
- Majors in Environmental Sciences & Food Technology: DTU graduates of these majors have found immediate employment over the past three years in a row with pay fluctuating from 8 to 12 million VND per month, at companies such as MD Environmental Technology in Quang Nam; EUC LLC in Binh Duong and Wordtech in Danang.
Because DTU offers a wide range of advanced international programs and guarantees immediate employment on graduation, engineering & technology applicants are encouraged to enroll in 2022 and be sure that they have made the right choice of university to begin their studies.
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