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DTU commemorates the 72nd Anniversary of Vietnamese Students’ Day and awards students with “Student of Five Merits” titles at all levels

On January 8, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the DTU Student Union celebrated the 72nd Vietnamese Students’ Day and awarded “Student of Five Merits” titles to students, classes and faculties with outstanding achievements in 2020-2021.
Attendees included Mr. Le Cong Hung, Vice-Chairman of the Vietnam Student Association Central Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union, Chairman of the Danang Student Association; Hero of Labor and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU Chairman; Dr. Nguyen Huu Phu, DTU Vice-Provost; Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet, Secretary of the DTU Youth Union and Chairman of the DTU Student Union; Provosts of DTU Schools, Directors of departments and centers, staff of the DTU Youth Union, the secretariat of the DTU Student Association, union members and students, in person and on-line.
K? ni?m 72 nam ngày Truy?n th?ng HSSV VN và Tuyên duong “Sinh viên 5 t?t” các c?p
Mr. Le Cong Hung awards Certificates of Merit 
On behalf of the Vietnam Student Central Committee, Mr. Le Cong Hung presented Certificates of Merit to the DTU Student Association, to two classes and five individuals, for their outstanding achievements in social work and the student movement. The Danang Youth Union Student Association also awarded DTU with an Emulation Flag for its outstanding contributions to Union and Association work and the student movement in 2020-2021. 
Mr. Le Cong Hung said: “Recently, the DTU Student Association has made major contributions to the development of the Danang Student Movement. The Secretariat of the DTU Student Association will now arrange more events for students to demonstrate their talents, intelligence and youthful energy and continue to support the Danang Student Association on start-up, research and integration issues.”    
K? ni?m 72 nam ngày Truy?n th?ng HSSV VN và Tuyên duong “Sinh viên 5 t?t” các c?p
Distinguished Teacher and Hero of Labor, Le Conh Co, awards faculties and individuals with national and city-level “Student of Five Merits” titles
The DTU Board of Provosts praised and awarded two students, Nguyen Thanh An, from K24 YDK2, and Tran Dac Dien, from K26 YDK3, in the Faculty of Medicine, with national-level “Student of Five Merits” titles and national-level “Student Collective of Five Merits” awards. Thanh An is one of 72 students of merit who was commended by the Vietnam Student Association Central Committee. 
Student Ngo Dinh Nam, DTU Youth Union Deputy-Secretary and DTU Faculty of Medicine Secretary, received a special 2022 “January Star Award”, presented by the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Student Association for outstanding academic achievement and work with the Youth Union, the student movement and the community. 
Despite the impact of the Covid pandemic, DTU continues to organize student activities and Tran Thi Thanh Hoa, Secretary of the DTU Faculty of Business Administration, was selected to receive the “January 9” prize by the Danang Student Association, also for her academic and Danang Student Association, Youth Union and student movement achievements. 
The number of students winning the “Student of Five Merits” title has increased this year. DTU won 3 class and 34 student “Student of Five Merits” awards at the city-level, an increase of 25, and 225 won university-level “Student of Five Merits” titles. 72 the excellent winners were recommended by the DTU Youth Union and student association for training to become official Vietnam Communist Party members. 
K? ni?m 72 nam ngày Truy?n th?ng HSSV VN và Tuyên duong “Sinh viên 5 t?t” các c?p
Lecturers and students
DTU also presented Certificates of Merit for outstanding work fighting Covid-19. Duong Than Sinh won fourth prize in the “Youths following Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle” contest. The DTU Student Association gave awards to clubs and 18 exemplary student members, and the DTU Youth Union announced the results of the “2021 DTU Ambassador” and “2021 DTU Fashion Week” competitions. 
Distinguished Teacher and Hero of Labor, Le Cong Co, presented autographed copies of his memoirs to exemplary members and students and said: “Do all that you can to help yourself to improve your personality and academic performance. Young people today should be creative and come up with daring ideas to implement major new projects for our country.”
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