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The DTU School of Technology Holds the First Science Conference

On December 4, the DTU School of Technology held its first Science Conference entitled “Technology for the Future”, to promote research activities at the university.
H?i ngh? Khoa h?c Tru?ng Công ngh? l?n 1 - 2021
Dr. Ha Dac Binh, Dean of DTU School of Technology
Dr. Ha Dac Binh, the Dean, said: “Over the years, technology has steadily transformed society and made our lives far easier. We have received topics of high interest for presentation at this year’s conference and this new annual event will help our lecturers and staff to focus more clearly on research activities."
H?i ngh? Khoa h?c Tru?ng Công ngh? l?n 1 - 2021
DTU research papers
The conference was comprised of two subcommittees and papers were presented in Vietnamese and English: 
Architecture and Construction:  
- The future use of ready-mixed concrete in small and medium-sized construction
- House-walling and the need for increased research and investment 
- The effect of rice husk ash on mortar compression at various temperatures: A machine-learning based model
Environment and Chemical Engineering: 
- The construction of submerged barriers to reduce coastal erosion in Danang and Hoi An
- Research into the production of passion fruit powder
- The use of raw quail eggshells to treat methylene blue in aqueous solutions 
Automation Engineering Technology 
- A fuzzy model controller for small drones
- The use of an adapted, extended Kalman filter with fuzzy logic to control the movement of robots
- A calibrated distance prediction method for sensoring the human face
- A real-time control method for use in speech recognition
- Research on the performance of llithium-ion batteries and their reuse
- A perspective on the Port Hamilton controller in engineering applications
These conferences will enable attendees to become more professional in their research projects, allow them to exchange their experiences and present their findings. Next-year’s conference will be entitled “Technology in Everyday life,” scheduled for November 26, 2022. 
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