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2021 DTU Valedictorians

Recently, DTU has been receiving an ever-increasing number of applications from top-scoring High School Graduation Exam (HSGE) students or those who have won excellence awards in provincial and national competitions for excellent students. Valedictorians were also granted valuable full or partial scholarships in 2021-2022.
The highest score went to Ly Thi Men from the Dak Lak highlands, with 29.75/30, who enrolled in the DTU School of Economics. Ly Thi Men unexpectedly changed her mind in the second term of 12th grade and decided to take the university entrance exam in Social Sciences instead. She was already doing well in Natural Sciences but then decided to become a lawyer and had to work twice as hard to take the exam on schedule. 
Các Th? khoa guong sáng di?m cao t?i ÐH Duy Tân nam 2021
Ly Thi Men, Nguyen Thi Hien, Phan Xuan Duc and Nguyen Thi Ha Vi
Ly Thi Men wanted to learn about business law and work ethically to help companies expand, so decided to join the Talent Program in Business Law at DTU, after researching courses at other universities. She feels very confident that DTU always gives students top priority in the development of innovative teaching methods, the ongoing enhancement of educational quality and in infrastructure investments, to ensure that they will be guaranteed suitable jobs immediately on graduation. 
Nguyen Thi To Uyen loves reading and drawing, especially comic strips, scored 27.1/30 and became the Valedictorian of the DTU School of Technology. Her ambition is to become a manga artist like Jun Mochizuki, her idol, so Uyen chose to study Graphic Design and said: “The Graphic Design program will provide me with the expertise to realize my dreams. The quality of teaching, the academic environment and facilities at DTU are well suited to me personally, my parents, teachers and friends were most supportive of my choice and encouraged me to study hard to achieve my goals." 
Các Th? khoa guong sáng di?m cao t?i ÐH Duy Tân nam 2021
Vo Cong Dat, Nguyen Thi To Uyen, Luong Vu Anh Nga and Ngo Ho Tan Dat 
Several high-scoring students were appointed DTU Valedictorians:
- Luong Vu Anh Nga scored 27.65/30 and enrolled in the advanced CMU Network Security program. She plans to work for a foreign company and is sure that this program will enable her to do that. 
- Nguyen Thi Hien scored 27.5 /30 and enrolled in the Talent Program in International Relations. She wants to become a diplomatic interpreter. 
- Ngo Ho Tan Dat scored 26.7/30 and enrolled in DTU School of Medicine-Pharmacy. He wants to be a doctor.
- Phan Xuan Duc scored 26.65/30 and enrolled in Software Engineering.
- Nguyen Thi Ha Vi scored 26.5/30 and enrolled in Korean Language. She wants to be an interpreter
- Vo Cong Dat scored 26.25/30 and enrolled in Tourism and Hospitality Management and hopes to become an executive in that field.
Valuable scholarships totaling hundreds of millions of VND
Nguyen Thi Hien was the youngest child of seven and said: “My parents are farmers, and can only afford to send me to university, not my siblings. They have high expectations and I was delighted to be granted a full DTU scholarship that will ease their burden.”
Các Th? khoa guong sáng di?m cao t?i ÐH Duy Tân nam 2021
Dr Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Provost, presents gifts to DTU Valedictorians at the opening ceremony 
Luong Vu Anh Nga was also happy to be awarded a full DTU scholarship and said: “My parents are farmers, my older sister is a student and we always worry about money. I will concentrate on my studies to meet my parents' expectations and achieve my objectives."
Ly Thi Men was awarded a full scholarship for the DTU Talent Program in Business Law (HP) and said: “My parents were forced to work hard on a variety of jobs to feed us and pay for our studies. When I worked with them to care for and harvest the crops, I suddenly realized how difficult their lives really were and now will do my best to study hard, find a well-paid job and support them in the near future.”
In addition to scholarships, all Valedictorians received an additional 3 million VND, except for Ly Thi Men, the DTU Valedictorian, who was awarded 10 million VND and a laptop. These awards have promoted a sense of enthusiasm and joy for the Valedictorians as they begin their studies. 
DTU Worldwide Rankings
- In the top 500 universities internationally, according to THE 2022
- In the top 700 universities internationally, according to the 2021 Shanghai rankings
- In the top 210 universities in Asia, according to the 2022 QS Asian University rankings
- The second Vietnamese university to be accredited by ABET
- In the top 107 universities worldwide, in the 2022 Emerging Economies University rankings
- In the 577 best global universities, ranked by US News & World Reports in 2022
- Third of the top four Vietnamese universities and 1,482 worldwide, by CWUR
- Second of twelve Vietnamese universities and 770 worldwide, by URAP
- Third university in Vietnam and 1,466 worldwide, by Webometrics in 2021 
- Second in Vietnam in Computer Science and Engineering and 301-400 worldwide, by the Nature Index in 2020 
- First in Vietnam in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, listed in the 401-500 range worldwide, by the Nature Index
- Second in Electrical & Electronic Engineering in Vietnam in 2021 by ShanghaiRanking Consultants
- In the 251-300 range in Computer Science and Engineering in 2022 by Times Higher Education
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