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Nguyen Thi Ngoc Huyen, Exemplary Female Student Majoring in General Practitioner

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Huyen wants to become a doctor and decided to study for a General Practitioner degree at Duy Tan University (DTU). Over the past 4 years, Ngoc Huyen has done very well and is highly respected by her lecturers and fellow students. She studies hard, is always cheerful and volunteers with the DTU Youth Union activities for Covid-19 patient treatment activities remotely. 
The talented Secretary of K23YDK1
On first impressions, Ngoc Huyen, Secretary of the K23YDK1 class, has sparkling eyes and is a good talker. Her DTU entry score was high, and she continues to maintain an excellent academic record, despite the complexities involved in studying to be a General Practitioner. Ngoc Huyen has received several Certificates of Merit, including:
- Outstanding Student in 2017-2018 
- Second Prize at the 10th National Student Olympiad in 2018 
- Excellent Student in 2019-2020 
Nguy?n Th? Ng?c Huy?n - N? sinh viên Tiêu bi?u ngành Bác si Ða khoa
Ngoc Huyen (center) and her colleagues receive their prize at the 10th National Student Olympiad in 2018
On entering DTU, medical students must work non-stop. Ngoc Huyen said: “It’s not easy to study medicine, whichever university you’re at. However, over time, students learn how to balance their time between staying healthy and striving to study efficiently. The most impressive and unforgettable memories of my university years were the first night shifts of my internship. I had to work at the hospital from 2pm to 7am, then study until 11 a.m. I was extremely hungry but was too exhausted to eat. Since then, I have realized that if I want to become a doctor, I not only need to study hard, but I also exercise for good health and a strong mind in order to continue.”
Ngoc Huyen’s favorite saying is, “Keep smiling and good luck will come to you.” As Secretary of K23YDK1, Ngoc Huyen promotes optimism among her classmates. Together they have won prizes as champions of the 2018-2019 Faculty of Medicine Women’s Football Tournament in 2018-2019, first prize in the Recycled Fashion competition and third prize in 2020 Med’ Festival, which is why Ngoc Huyen is always admired by all.
Talking about Duy Tan University and her classmates, Ngoc Huyen said: “I am lucky to be studying at DTU in modern facilities and the ideal environment for medical students, so I can learn thoroughly and meanwhile acquire the practical clinical skills to confidently work at local hospitals. It’s an honor for me to be class secretary, we all care for each other very much and I always try my best to encourage my colleagues to study and volunteer for extra-curricular activities at the university at the same time.”
The 22-year-old young woman wanted to participate at the center of the pandemic and helped Covid-19 patients treat themselves at home, in the Binh Tan District of HCMC. She met remotely with 5 to 10 patients daily and her job was to check on their health, help them with their medication and boost their optimism. If her patients deteriorated however, Huyen immediately contacted their local emergency team for assistance. 
Nguy?n Th? Ng?c Huy?n - N? sinh viên Tiêu bi?u ngành Bác si Ða khoa
Ngoc Huyen (center) conducting experiments with her colleagues
Ngoc Huyen recounted a story about her Covid-19 experience. “On Vietnamese National Day, a patient called me and asked: “Can I sing now?” I was quite surprised by the unexpected question, so I told him: “Don’t sing too loudly, or you will get a sore throat.” He laughed and said: “I want to tell you that I have recovered and think it will make you happy. I was tested again today and came out negative. I’m so happy right now that I want to sing. Thank you so much for your kind assistance. “I was indeed very happy, because I know I helped him overcome the disease.”  
Although Ngoc Huyen has just begun a new school year, she still spends time helping Covid-19 patients and, despite the increasing number of Covid-19 case patients in HCMC, she has made a significant contribution to limiting the overload on hospitals by offering remote treatment. 
“Everyone in Vietnam has come together to fight the pandemic, but doctors and medical workers are frontline soldiers, willing and able to enter the “red zones”. As a future doctor, I fully understand my mission and want to make an effort to save the threatened patients,” said Ngoc Huyen.          
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