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Chat with Ho Nguyen Bao Tran, Exemplary Student of DTU Faculty of English

The first impression when meeting Ho Nguyen Bao Tran, a student of K24NAB6 majoring in English for Translation and Interpretation at DTU, is of a sociable and cheerful girl. Bao Tran is often called an “Inspirational person” because she always spreads joy, confidence, and positive energy to all people around her. In addition to her excellent academic achievements, Bao Tran took part in many activities and several meaningful courses during her university years. Let’s speak with Bao Tran to find out many interesting and special things about her!
Trò chuy?n cùng b?n H? Nguy?n B?o Trân - N? sinh Tiêu bi?u Khoa Ti?ng Anh
Ho Nguyen Bao Tran, exemplary female student of the Faculty of English
Repoter: Can you tell us a little bit about your student life at Duy Tan University? What interests you most?   
Bao Tran: It is said that student life is the most beautiful stage of life because we don’t have to think or worry too much. And it is completely true for me. As a student, I have more friends, good lecturers, more knowledge, and more maturity. For me, participating in the Beauty & Talent contest was maybe the most surprising and happiest experience. Many great opportunities came my way after this competition.     
Repoter: Can you tell us a little bit about this contest?
Bao Tran: The Beauty & Talent contest was held by the Faculty of English to honor the beauty of women as well as the talents of students. Contestants could show their talents, creativity, and teamwork ability. I thought that perhaps my university years would pass quickly without any impressions, but the Beauty & Talent contest changed my student life. Thanks to taking part in this contest, I overcame my limitations and acquired more knowledge. My team members and I put lots of effort into preparing everything for the contest. Fortunately, things went better than we’d expected. We got a third prize for our attempt. It put an unforgettable mark on my student years. 
Trò chuy?n cùng b?n H? Nguy?n B?o Trân - N? sinh Tiêu bi?u Khoa Ti?ng Anh 
Bao Tran (striped shirt) and her team at the Beauty & Talent contest
Repoter: After the Beauty & Talent contest, you were one of the two best students in the Faculty of English and you represented Duy Tan University in a Python Programming course. Can you share your opinion of this course?
Bao Tran: Perhaps the Faculty of English Dean knew that I love to learn new things, so I was chosen to study the Python Programming course at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, the United State of America. Before that, I was not interested in long numbers on the screen at all. I even felt dizzy seeing them. However, programming became easier for me after being taught by cheerful and dedicated professors. After one month, I understood the essence of programming, learned how to do calculations and make drawings with code, even drawing graphs, or entering data. I am grateful to the DTU Board of Provosts and lecturers in the DTU Faculty of English for giving me this valuable opportunity.
Repoter: After completing the Python Programming course, you also had the opportunity to participate in international programs at the University of Nevada in the Fall of 2021. What new experience did you get from these programs?
Bao Tran: At the end of Python Programming, I obtained 99% of the total score and received a certificate and an invitation to attend the International programs in the Fall of 2021 of the University of Nevada. These programs last 4 months from August to December 2021 and students in the programs can attend many educational workshops such as Speech and Speaking Workshops, Career Development workshops, and Coding Program Workshops. Now I have completed a quarter of these programs and have gained a great deal of knowledge and skills and I improved my English language skill. Thanks to participating in these programs, I also made friends with many students from many different countries and gained a deeper understanding of the cultures and peoples of different countries. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more courses like this one, so many other DTU students will also have the opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge. 
Repoter: You will graduate and start your employment path next year. Have you got any career orientation for yourself?     
Bao Tran: Becoming an English teacher is the biggest dream that I have pursued. Many people asked me why I chose to study English for Translation and Interpretation though I want to become a teacher. For me, the major is just a means to accumulate professional knowledge and skills. After graduation, I’ll have many career opportunities to choose from, as a translator, an interpreter or a teacher. And I think I will continue to live with my passion to inspire more students to love the English language.       
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