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The 27th DTU Anniversary and 2021-2022 Opening Ceremony

On November 11, DTU commemorated its 27th anniversary and the opening of the new academic year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ceremony was held online and broadcast on the DTU fanpage, with the Board of Provosts, lecturers, staff, K27 students and parents attending. This year, the university admitted 6,000 freshmen.
DTU Provost, Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, speaks 
Since its founding, DTU has grown into a nationally and globally recognized university and, in 2020-2021, announced the founding of seven new schools:
- Medicine-Pharmacy 
- Foreign Languages and Social Sciences 
- Technology
- Computer Sciences  
- School of Economics
- The International Training Institute  
- The Hospitality & Tourism Institute
…and beats the drum to welcome in the new academic year
After years of educational, personnel and research development, DTU can now relish its many achievements. In 2019, DTU became the second Vietnamese university to obtain American ABET accreditation in four academic programs: Software Engineering; Network Engineering; Management Information Systems; and Electrical Engineering. In 2022, DTU was ranked in the: 
- Top 500 World Universities, by Times Higher Education
- Top 107 World Universities, by Emerging Economies
- Top 210 Asian universities, by QS
- Top 577 Best Global Universities, by U.S. News & World Report
- And Top 700 Best Global Universities, by ShangHai in 2021
The Board of Provosts rewarded lecturers who were awarded the title of Associate Professor
and those who had successfully defended their PhD dissertations
Despite the pandemic, DTU staff, lecturers and students made sustained efforts to complete their studies on schedule. The Board of Provosts rewarded lecturers who were awarded the title of Associate Professor and those who had successfully defended their PhD dissertations. 
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Provost, said: “The recent pandemic made it impossible for everyone, especially the new K27 students, to come to the campus. However, learning never stops at DTU, and we quickly introduced online classes to avoid interruption. In fact, this challenge motivated us to successfully adapt to the changed environment rapidly. We continued to maintain the most favorable conditions for our students to achieve their study and research goals, with strong additional support from lecturers and parents.These conditions particularly require students to develop their self-discipline and take fuller responsibility for their own education, especially because the environment here is quite different from high school. At university, lecturers mentor their students academically but they must also learn how to work independently and effectively, set realistic goals and plan the steps they must take to realize their future ambitions.”
Ly Thi Men, a K27 DTU Valedictorian, speaks
These days, many candidates with excellent HSGE results have enrolled in DTU, several of whom have already won prizes at provincial and national Excellent Student contests, including Ly Thi Men, who scored 29.75 and enrolled in the DTU Talent Program in Business Law after researching courses at other universities. 
Ly Thi Men, a K27 DTU Valeditorian, said: “Like other DTU freshmen, I am proud to become a part of the university and am highly interested in Law. I was impressed with the DTU academic environment and its advanced education programs and considered it to be the best choice to realize my objectives. In addition, I also discovered that DTU partners with both local and foreign companies to provide potential internship and career opportunities. Throughout the continuing pandemic, new arrivals like myself are fortunate to receive the continuing support of our lecturers and senior students and I will study diligently to succeed in satisfying my parents’ and teachers’ expectations.”
Finally, DTU valedictorians were rewarded scholarships and, because of the pandemic, the DTU Admissions Board decided to grant scholarship vouchers of 2.5 to 4 million dong to all candidates and various other scholarships, worth up to 30 billion.
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