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Sharing Experiences Teaching Japanese

On December 14, DTU and Sanyo Gakuen University (SGU) held a series of seminars entitled: “Sharing experiences teaching Japanese”. Attendees included Professor Chie Yamane, a representative of Sanyo Gakuen University, Dr. Le Vinh An, Director of the Vietnam-Japan Institute for Strategic Cooperation (VJISC), Vietnamese students from the SGU Faculty of Languages, DTU VJISC, DTU LTC and the DTU Faculty of Japanese Language.
DTU and SGU students 
SGU students talked about daily life and the culture in Japan, about the routine day of a typical Japanese student and their flexible part-time jobs at coffee shops, where many Japanese students are employed and make new friends. They also talked about the historic Japanese Tea ceremony, the preparation and the rules and about Japanese folk games loved by both Japanese children and adults alike, such as Kendama, Hanetsuki, Koma and Menko.
Dr. Le Vinh An speaks 
Japan is known for its festivals and holidays, including Independence Day, on February 11, Showa Day on April 29, Constitution Day on May 3 and Kodomo No Hi on May 5. On these ritual days, the Japanese celebrate, express their gratitude and pray for prosperity. The seminar proved to be highly informative as DTU students learned more about the Japanese culture and Vietnamese students studying at SGU answered DTU students’ questions on special features of the Japanese culture, difficulties that Vietnamese students may face when going to study in Japan, and tips on how to study Japanese effectively. 
Dr. Le Vinh An said: “By participating in this seminar, DTU students could practice speaking Japanese and understand the Japanese culture better. Our Japanese students could also practice teaching the Japanese language and learn about the Vietnamese culture from the Vietnamese students. The success of this seminar will motivate our universities to arrange more activities to strengthen our ties in the future.”    
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