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“Law Students Experience Sharing and Learning Improvement” Seminar

On December 2, the DTU Faculty of Law held a seminar entitled: “Law Students Experience Sharing and Learning Improvement” to enhance their knowledge and skills.
Associate Professor Le Thi Chau
Associate Professor Le Thi Chau, Dean of the DTU Faculty of Law said: “Due to the pandemic, students have been forced to switch to education online, so it is now vital to evaluate the current quality and find ways of improving it. As a result, the Faculty of Law has planned several new activities, such as talk shows, seminars, and others, to maintain a strong connection between our students and lecturers. 
In 2021-2022, the Faculty of Law is holding additional seminars to improve teaching effectiveness, with Faculty of Law lecturers and expert guests presiding, and our students are delighted to participate. These seminars help them refine their self-study and self-research abilities through the connection.”
Seminar participants
Students, lecturers and guests shared ideas on how to improve online learning efficiency: 
- Student Tran Kha Ai gave a presentation entitled: “Holding debating competitions to improve the quality of education in the DTU Faculty of Law,” which suggested that debating competitions would help improve communication, presentation and debating skills, encourage students to be more active in researching information to solve problems and compete with others to broaden their experience  
- Students Do Thuy Tram Anh and Son Manh Thuy Thuy gave a presentation entitled: “Evaluating the effectiveness of both online and on-campus learning,” which analyzed the current status of both online and on-campus education and compared the effectiveness of each, in order to develop better methods for law students to achieve optimum performance   
- Guest Dai Thi Thanh Giang, a Law Valedictorian, discussed some effective learning methods and emphasized the advantages of group learning techniques 
- Ms. Tran Le Trang, Training and Development Manager at KPMG Vietnam, gave a presentation entitled: “Preparing to become a lawyer.” 
- A certified by the International Federation of Counseling consultant explained how students can assess their capabilities using the A.S.K. Competency Model to measure their attitude, skill and knowledge. 
Questions asked at the seminar included: “Where can I find legal reference materials?” “In an interview, if I’m asked by a recruiter about my work experience, how can I give a convincing response.” “How can I improve my presentation skills?’
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