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First Science & Startup Conference at the Faculty of Environmental & Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Environmental & Natural Sciences of the School of Engineering & Technology organized its first Student Science & Startup Conference on January 7, with the topic: “For a cleaner environment and food”. The objective was to promote research and startups activities among DTU staff, lecturers, and students.
The conference was attended by School of Engineering & Technology Provost, Dr. Ha Dac Binh; Faculty of Environmental & Natural Sciences Dean, Dr. Nguyen Phuoc The; Scientific Advisor Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong; Dr. Nguyen Duong Quang Chanh, from the Danang University of Technology Faculty of the Environment; Nhien Tam Cooperative Director, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam; lecturers and students.
TS. Hà Ð?c Bình phát bi?u t?i H?i ngh?
Dr. Ha Dac Binh 
“Our university always focuses on providing the necessary education and mentoring to encourage students to conduct basic research,” said School of Engineering & Technology Provost Dr. Ha Dac Binh. “We always acknowledge and praise the continuing achievements and contributions of our Environmental & Natural Science members. However, I believe that we all should all pay more attention to the digital transformation of Agriculture and to coordinate interdisciplinary research to improve the quality of our findings.”
The first conference attracted the attention of many staff, lecturers, and students and a variety of research projects were submitted. The conference was split into two parallel sessions, and the presentations, in both Vietnamese and English, covered several different topic.
H?i ngh? Khoa h?c và Kh?i nghi?p Khoa Môi tru?ng và Khoa h?c T? nhiên l?n th? 1
Research presentations by staff and lecturers
Research projects:
- Estimating the special decay rate of ordinary heterotrophic organisms in wastewater treatment plants, using the IWA activated sludge model
- Using activated carbon material derived from the Grewia Paniculata L. plant to remove Mordant Black dye
- Proposing ways to sustainably treat livestock waste in the Hoa Khuong commune, in the Hoa Vang district of Danang
- Surveying ways of producing blue methylene dye in water, using kaolin
- Evaluating the possibility of using banana leaves in food preservation in urban households
- Researching cleaner beverage production methods
- Researching and assessing current hospital wastewater treatment methods in Danang hospitals
- Researching the effect of used coffee substrate in the development of fungi
- Surveying the current awareness and treatment of plastic waste pollution at schools in Tam Ky, Quang Nam province
- Researching the increase in quality of fiber-rich biscuits supplemented with oats and malt residue
- Researching the increased quality of  whole-wheat sandwiches supplemented with butterfly pea flower extract
- Researching the increased quality on whole milk combined with grains
Startup projects included:
- Founding of the Nhien Tam Cooperative to develop safer consumer products 
- Developing tea from Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans
- Relieving period pain with Cheery Lady tea
- Evaluating hygienic and safe herbal tea products for menstrual pain relief 
- Developing Robusta coffee jam
Certificates of Merit and monetary prizes were awarded to encourage some of the leading projects: “Using activated carbon material derived from the Grewia Paniculata L. plant to remove Mordant Black dye”; “Researching and assessing current hospital wastewater treatment methods in Danang hospitals”; “Period pain relief with Cheery Lady tea”; and “Robusta coffee jam production”.
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