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DTU Enrolls 2022 Health Science Students

This year, despite the pandemic, DTU has continued to enable Health Science students to practice at local hospitals, and, at the same time, to concentrate on associated subjects such as Preventive Medicine to gain additional practical knowledge.
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In November 2020, DTU reorganized into five member schools and two training institutes. The School of Medicine & Pharmacy is now in charge of general Nursing, Pharmacy, General Practitioner, Doctor of Odonto-Stomatology, and Biotechnology & Biomedical Engineering studies.
DTU partners with several major American universities to share academic programs, including the University of Illinois in Chicago, which has the most comprehensive program in Medicine and Nursing in the US, and the University of Pittsburgh, ranked seventh in the US in Health Sciences. Elsewhere, others include the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, in Israel, the Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore, Burapha University, Khon Kaen and Mahidol University in Thailand, and the Sun-Moon and Dong-A universities in South Korea. In addition, DTU has connections with organizations such as the SEIREI Social Welfare Community, the Glome Management Group and the local Kinki branch of the Japanese National Council for the Elderly and Blind, all in Japan. 
DTU has invested heavily in Health Science, and Nursing students are trained in customized laboratories, two of which were donated by the Glome Management Group, with equipment worth 600 million VND. General Practitioner students study in 19 practice rooms, 7 control rooms and 2 debriefing rooms, equipped to meet study and research requirements.  Students can also practice on virtual patients in the MedSim Center, with 300 anatomical models. 
Odonto-Stomatology students practice in DTU’s state-of-the-art dental labs, fully equipped with special chairs and 20 simulators. Pharmacy students practice in basic labs and at the actual university pharmacies. The medicinal garden at the Hoa Khanh Nam campus grows the precious, essential herbal medicines approved by the Ministry of Health. Biology students practice at the Center for Molecular Biology, also equipped with the latest machinery.
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Medical devices develope by DTU researchers  
As well as sending lecturers and researchers abroad for intensive training in the US and elsewhere, DTU has created several key products to support the local community. These include the “3D Virtual Reality Imaging Technology Application Simulating the Human Body for Healthcare Study and Research” application, which won an Excellence Award at the 2017 Young Intellectual Contest for Education; The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation First Aid Training System, e-CPR, created by CVS, which won a Sao Khue software Excellence award in 2020; the dtu-VENT; and the AED-302 Training and Online Medical Ecosystem, which won the Vietnam Social Innovation Challenge (VSIC) Championship in 2021.
Internships at major hospitals, including Hue Central
In 2021, DTU medical students interned at local hospitals, including Hue Central Hospital; the Danang Hospital; the Danang C Hospital; Hospital 199; the C17 Military Hospital; the Danang Oncology Hospital, the Dermatology Hospital; the Danang Lung Hospital; Ment Ph?i and the Da Nang Psychiatric Hospital. In November 2021, DTU sent 262 students to intern at Hue Central Hospital. 
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DTU interns at Hue Central Hospital 
During the pandemic, Hue Central Hospital has provided 876 free PCR tests and 2nd and 3rd vaccine doses for lecturers and teachers. In December 2021, DTU teachers and students volunteered 100 units of blood to help overcome severe blood shortages during the national blood donation drive.
Learning more about Preventive Medicine 
DTU teaches Disaster Medicine, Epidemiology and Community Health Care classes.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân tuy?n sinh các ngành Y - Du?c - Ði?u du?ng nam 2022
Dr. Anh Hong and DTU students on the frontline, fighting COVID-19
DTU Health Sciences lecturers are doctors and members of the Global Health Research Institute, including Dr. Anh Hong, a former Deputy-Director of the 115 Emergency Center in Danang, and lecturers of Disaster and Preclinical Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Hong has collaborated with the medical team at the Phuc Khang Hospital to implement the Free Emergency Aid program, which supports the medical sector during the pandemic and advises the public on social distancing. She was recently honored for her devotion to the community at the “I Love Danang” Gala Night, jointly held by the Danang People's Committee and the Tuoi Tre Newspaper.
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