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DTU Journal of Science & Technology Recognized for Professor Title Points in Two Additional Fields

The State Council of Professorial Titles announced its 2021 list of accepted scientific journals, with the DTU Journal of Science & Technology now being recognized in two additional fields which can now be counted to accumulate extra publication points. These are Chemistry & Food Technology, and Construction & Architecture, worth from zero to 0.25 points each.
The Ministry of Information & Communications issued the DTU a print press license in 2011, and the National Agency for IT, in the Ministry of Science & Technology, assigned DTU an International Standard Serial Number, (ISSN), in 2012. Currently, the journal is now surveyed in the seven fields of Physics, Biology, Pharmacology, Literature and Economics and the two new ones.
T?p chí Khoa h?c & Công ngh? c?a Ð?i h?c Duy Tân có thêm 2 ngành du?c tính di?m công trình
The DTU Journal of Science & Technology
Articles in the DTU Journal of Science & Technology must conform to specific rules. They must be novel, present a new discovery, be of scientific value, and edited and published according to scientific standards. Prior to publication, papers must undergo peer review once or more by well-respected experts who are academically qualified in the specific topic. The authors of the papers should be students, lecturers, researchers or scientists working at the university or elsewhere worldwide, many of whom have already authored publications in international ISI-indexed journals.
The DTU Journal of Science & Technology currently uses the ANTIPLG software to examine source texts. It can detect with great accuracy passages that have been copied from other papers by analyzing writing styles and matching with online documents, eliminating plagiarism and ensuring the academic validity of all publications.
The DTU Journal of Science & Technology is published six times a year, five in Vietnamese and one in English. The journal is multidisciplinary, with a focus on Natural Sciences, Engineering & Technology, and Social Sciences & Humanities.
Since November 2011, the DTU Journal of Science & Technology has published 47 issues, with about a hundred papers covering a variety of fields yearly.
Articles published in the journal about university investments are always of special interest because research is one of the core activities the university staff and lecturers. DTU encourages them to publish papers in local and international journals and forums, including their own and continually improve quantity and the quality.
Now that the journal has been recognized by the Vietnamese State Council of Professorial Titles, the journal will be able to attract higher-quality papers from inside and outside the university, with the objective of ultimately being included in the national (VCI) or regional citation index (ACI).
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