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Five Vietnamese Scientists Listed in the World's Top 10,000

According to a study by the PLoS Biology journal in America, five Vietnamese scientists have been named among the top 10,000 worldwide. In total, twenty-eight Vietnamese academics appear in the top 100,000.
5 nhà Khoa h?c Vi?t Nam vào top 10.000 nhà Khoa h?c hàng d?u Th? gi?i
Professor Nguyen Dinh Duc (center) is included once again on the list.
The list includes Professor Nguyen Dinh Duc from Vietnam National University in Hanoi, who came in at 5,949 with a 96 in Engineering; Associate Professor Le Hoang Son from Vietnam National University in Hanoi at 6,766; Professor Nguyen Xuan Hung from the HCMC University of Technology at 6,818; Professor Bui Tien Dieu of Duy Tan University at 9,488; and Professor Vo Xuan Vinh of the University of Economics in HCMC at 9,528. Specifically, Professor Nguyen Dinh Duc, Associate Professor Le Hoang Son and Professor Nguyen Xuan Hung were named among the most influential scientists in the world, from 2019 to 2021.
Other Vietnamese scientists who appeared were: Tran Hai Nguyen (Duy Tan University – 4,.704); Tran Xuan Bach (Hanoi Medical University – 19,881); Pham Thai Binh (University Of Transport Technology – 21,588); Hoang Duc Nhat (Duy Tan University – 23,301); Dang Van Hieu (Thang long University at 31,139); Hoang Anh Tuan (HUTECH – 32,938); Pham Van Hung (International School at VNU in HCMC – 37,520); Dr. Anand Nayyar (Duy Tan University - 40.845); Nguyen Thoi Trung (Ton Duc Thang University – 46,053); Tran Trung (Hoa Binh University – 48,769); Thai Hoang Chien (Ton Duc Thang University – 50,676); Vu Quang Bach (Ton Duc Thang University – 54,001); Nguyen Trung Kien (HCM City University of Technology and Education – 53,486); Nguyen Minh Tho (Ton Duc Thang University – 56,922), Pham Viet Thanh (Ton Duc Thang University – 57,491); Nguyen Truong Khang (Ton Duc Thang University – 62,835); Nguyen Trung Thang (Ton Duc Thang University – 66,150), Le Thai Ha (Fulbright University Vietnam – 74,063), Nguyen Dang Nam (Duy Tan University – 81,653),Van Hieu (Phenikaa University – 82,171), Phung Van Phuc (HUTECH – 83,196); Pham Thai Binh (University Of Transport Technology – 84,698); Duong Viet Thong (Ton Duc Thang University – 88,842); and Nguyen Hoang Long (Hanoi University of Mining and Geology – 94,128).
In addition, Vietnamese researchers working abroad were also listed, including Professor Dam Thanh Son, in the US, at 7,302; Associate Professor Bui Quoc Tinh from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan, at 9,640; Professor Ngo Duc Tuan from the University of Melbourne in Australia, at 10,652; Professor Nguyen Van Tuan in Australia, at 21,835 and Professor Duc Truong Pham from the University of Birmingham, in the UK, at 39,062. 
The list was compiled by the Metrics team, consisting of Jeroen Baas, Kevin Boyack and John P.A. Loannidis from Stanford University. They selected the top 100,000 scientists out of seven million in 22 fields and 176 sub-fields, using Scopus citation data from papers published from 1960 until August, 2021. Percentiles were included for scientists with at least five published papers.
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