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Preferential Policies for Talented Science and Technologists

Outstanding science and technology graduates can benefit from several preferential policies, including recruitment to the civil service and other exceptional careers, without the requirement of taking promotion exams.
Nhân tài Khoa h?c Công ngh? s? du?c nhi?u uu dãi
Preferred science & technology graduates put their talent to good use. DAO NGOC THACH
Here is the content of a circular entitled: “Guidance on Several Points Concerning Attracting, Employing and Giving Responsibility to Individuals in Science & Technology”, recently issued by the Ministry of Science & Technology.
Exceptional appointments without promotion exams
Accomplishments that may meet these criteria include the publication of scientific papers in respected national and international journals, the proceedings of national and international conferences and legal monographs. Also considered are the winners of national and international prizes and those with practical new inventions or certified cultivars.
In addition, scientists working at a high level in national, ministerial or provincial occupations or those implementing new projects in technology and the economy will be considered. If candidates have successfully completed their duties in the year preceding consideration, with no pending disciplinary reviews, they will be eligible for appointment, without the requirement of taking promotional exams. 
Suitable candidates will be selected for recruitment as public servants in science and technology operations, as researchers and technology specialists at salaries commensurate with their duties, and successive salary increases based on performance. Ultimately, the may become leaders of official national projects to bring about significant socioeconomic improvements and finally may even be awarded the title “Hero of Labor”.
Allow scientists to put their talents to good use
Associate Professor Nguyen Van Thuan, Dean of the HCMC International University School of Biotechnology, believes that implementation of the plan would provide talented scientists an environment where they can optimize their talents and best contribute to society.
“Several other professors at the HCMC International University and I were hired into positions with preferential salaries and allowances by Vietnam National University in HCMC. We are allowed to conduct research according to our personal interests,” explained Associate Professor Thuan. “The member universities of the National University, including the universities of Technology, Economics and Law, and Information Technology, are currently going through an implementation process to attract more qualified and talented scientists.”
Dr. Nguyen Tran Hai, from the DTU Institute for Basic and Applied Research in HCMC, also believes that the new policy will provide the means to attract, employ and give responsibility to talented candidates and give them the peace of mind and incentive to make their own contributions.
“However, I also personally believe that some additional criteria should be added. Scientists who have acted as referees for reputable domestic and international journals should also be considered,” suggested Dr. Hai. “Furthermore there should be other preferential policies, such as housing support, the reduction of teaching hours and consideration of significant international achievements. Personal income tax rebates should be given to scientists working on state funded projects and participation in scientific councils at all levels, such as Nafosted, should be encouraged.”
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