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From a countrysider to an outstanding young DTU researcher

Born in a poor area of Quang Nam province, Dr. Ho Thanh Tam used to work as a gardener to earn money for schooling, but he is now one of the ten leading young researchers in Vietnam.
T? c?u h?c trò 'nhà quê' thành nhà Khoa h?c tr? xu?t s?c
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam in the DTU labs. Photo: NVCC
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam is a 31-year old biotechnologist and received a 2020 Golden Globe award, organized by the HCM Communist Youth Union Central Committee and the Ministry of Science & Technology to recognize outstanding accomplishments in research.
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam had already won many awards at international conferences in the US and Korea but decided to return to work in Vietnam at the DTU Institute for Global Health Initiatives. 
A Love of Research
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam was born in the Binh Sa commune in Thang Binh district in Quang Nam province, where his parents worked hard as farmers to support their five children. 
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam 
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam said: “I grew up in very poor conditions, so I always remind myself that I have to continue studying diligently to achieve my goals and help my family escape poverty.”  
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam studied Biotechnology at Dalat University and followed on with graduate studies there. Meanwhile, his brother helped him pursue his ambitions because his parents were too aged. Dr. Thanh Tam also worked as a gardener to earn money for schooling and broaden his practical knowledge.  
“I was fortunate to be mentored by Dr. Duong Tan Nhut from the Tay Nguyen Institute of Scientific Research, who roused my passion for science and guided me in my studies. I took part in projects on asexual reproduction and the preservation of Vietnamese ginseng, an extremely rare medicinal Vietnamese plant. Professor Nhat then told me about the availability of full PhD scholarships in South Korea.”, added Dr. Thanh Tam. 
Dr. Thanh Tam is currently involved in nine scientific research projects in South Korea, one of which is researching the production of cosmetics, such as soap, shower gel, masks, ginseng and functional foodstuffs. Meanwhile, he has published 34 papers in Vietnamese and international science journals.  
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