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Voting DTU Scientist to 2020 Golden Globe Award

The Golden Globe Awards for young Science & Technology researchers is jointly organized by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee and the Ministry of Science & Technology to recognize outstanding achievement in IT & Communications; Medical & Pharmaceutical Technology; Biotechnology; Environmental Technology; and New Materials Technology. In 2020, DTU is honored because Dr. Ho Thanh Tam, a biotechnologist, finished in the top twenty finalists in online voting to become eligible to win one of the ten Golden Globe awards. 
Bình ch?n cho Nhà khoa h?c Ð?i h?c Duy Tân nh?n gi?i Qu? C?u Vàng nam 2020
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam at the 4th International Conference on Natural Products Utilization in 2019 in Bulgaria
Since 2003, the Golden Globe awards have been presented annually to encourage and promote innovative study and research in the development of practical products for use in everyday life. The awards attract great attention from investors and companies looking to foster and work with talented young scientists for the benefit of Vietnam.
Within three months the 2020 launch, 51 submissions have been received so far from 19 institutions, 8 in Biotechnology, 10 in Environmental Technology, 9 in Medical & Pharmaceutical Technology, 12 in IT & Communications and 12 in New Materials Technology.
As a top twenty finalist, DTU’s Dr. Ho Thanh Tam has an impressive research record. Noteworthy are his 18 publications in international science journals, 10 publications in domestic journals, 6 fully published proceedings for international and national scientific conferences and a book chapter he co-authored in a monograph, published by SPi Technologies in India in 2020. Dr. Ho Thanh Tam also received third prize for his presentation at the In Vitro Biology meeting in the USA in 2017, organized by the American Society for In Vitro Biology. In addition, in 2018, he came second for a presentation at the 3rd International Orchid Symposium in South Korea, organized by the International Society of Horticultural Science.
Bình ch?n cho Nhà khoa h?c Ð?i h?c Duy Tân nh?n gi?i Qu? C?u Vàng nam 2020
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam visits an industrial medicinal plant biomass production plant in South Korea
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam is currently involved in nine scientific research projects in South Korea and is a referee for five prestigious specialized international scientific journals. In addition, he was recipient of a full scholarship for a PhD training program in the South Korean Brain Korea 21 plus project. 
To help Dr. Ho Thanh Tam become one of the ten winners of the 2020 Golden Globe Awards, all lectures, staff, employees and students of the university are invited to vote, as follows, voting is easy:
1. Enter the link below and go to the voting tab (“bình ch?n”) 
2. Tick the box for Dr Ho Thanh Tam (“TS. H? THANH TÂM – Công ngh? sinh h?c”) 
3. Tick the box “I’m not a robot” and send your vote (“g?i bình ch?n”)
It is possible to add an opinion on the form before submission.
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