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Another Trial Version of Non-invasive Ventilator

On November 4, a DTU research team introduced a demo version of a non-invasive ventilator in hopes of contributing to the fight against Covid-19.
Hi?n t?i, máy có th? ch?y du?c ? nhi?u ch? d? khác nhau nhu: ki?m soát áp su?t, ki?m soát th? tích và d?c bi?t là ch? d? d?a theo tình tr?ng ngu?i b?nh d? cung c?p h? tr? hô h?p c?n thi?t và t?c thì. Theo nhóm nghiên c?u, t? l? các linh ki?n ph?c v? s?n xu?t máy du?c n?i d?a hóa ? m?c cao nh?t nên có th? ch? d?ng khi dua vào s?n xu?t hàng lo?t. Chi phí thi?t b? và linh ki?n n?i d?a
DTU research team introduced a demo version of a non-invasive ventilator
Dr. Le Nguyen Bao, DTU Provost, said that DTU put in lots of effort to produce the ventilator to support the government in treating patients with serious breathing problems and preparing for preventing large-scale community transmission of Covid-19.  
The university has gathered researchers to conduct research and got initial success in creating the first non-invasive ventilator, called DTU-Vent.
Dr. Le Hoang Sinh, the DTU-Vent group leader, said: “The DTU-Vent non-invasive ventilator helps patients with pulmonary edema or those who have difficulty breathing due to SARS-CoV-2 invasion, causing immune system disorders and severely damaged lungs, breathe better. The ventilator can save the lives of Covid-19 patients”.
The DTU-Vent is a non-invasive ventilator, feeding oxygen to the lungs at a fixed frequency, through a nasal or full-face mask, with sufficient quantities of air to stimulate the breathing of patients suffering respiratory distress. 
DTU-Vent allows ten different settings according to patient height, to expedite time and ease of operation, with a battery to guarantee three hours of continuous operation in case of power failure. 
Thêm phiên b?n Th? nghi?m Máy Tr? th?
The DTU-Vent non-invasive ventilator was created to help Covid-19 patients with serious breathing problems.
Currently, the DTU-VENT non-invasive ventilator has several features such as pressure control, volume control and assist control to meet the need of each patient.
According to the DTU research team, the technological autonomy with a high degree of localization will make it easier to start mass production of ventilators at only twenty million dong each.
Mr. Huynh Duc Tho, the Danang People’s Committee Chairman, said: “This is really a big effort of the DTU research team for the community. We will try to assist them as much as possible to perfect the trial ventilator and soon produce ventilators serving in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.”
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