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DTU Researchers develop unique new non-invasive ventilators

The coronavirus COVID-19 has already infected 3 million people worldwide and more than 200,000 have died, with new cases occurring day after day. With government support, DTU has teamed a group of dedicated experts to focus their efforts on the research and development of a unique new noninvasive ventilator, named the DTU-Vent, to fight the widely spreading disease.
Ð?c dáo s?n ph?m máy th? DTU-VENT d? di?u tr? Covid-19 c?a m?t tru?ng d?i h?c
DTU lecturers present the DTU-Vent. Photo: AN
Non-invasive ventilators have been developed to save the lives of Covid_19 patients with severe pneumonia or acute respiratory distress. According to Dr. Le Hoang Sinh, the DTU-Vent group leader, the DTU-Vent non-invasive ventilator feeds oxygen to the lungs at a fixed rate, through a nasal or full face mask, with sufficient quantities of air to stimulate the breathing of patients suffering respiratory distress. 
Dr. Le Hoang Sinh said: “DTU-Vent allows ten different position settings according to patient height, to expedite time and ease of operations. Other settings control air pressure, providing instantaneous response to Covid-19 patient’s vital signs, with a battery to guarantee three hours of continuous operation in case of power failure.” 
DTU-Vent allows ten different position settings according to patient height. Photo: AN
The DTU-VENT non-invasive ventilator has several outstanding features, such as pressure and volume controls, to meet the needs of each patient.
“Technical measurements, such as air flow volume, breaths per minute, aspiration/exhalation rates and airway pressure, are controlled by ventilator sensors with software programmed by our research team”, added Dr. Sinh.   
The development of DTU-Vent will positively assist in combating the Covid_19 pandemic and provide promising opportunities to export the ventilator in the future. 
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