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Let’s Vote for the two DTU Lecturers competing for 2019 Vietnam Golden Globe Awards

The Vietnam Golden Globe Awards for talented young academics are presented annually by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee and the Ministry of Science and Technology for outstanding achievements in science and technology education. In 2019, DTU is proud that two of its lecturers have already become two of the top twenty finalists and are now both candidates to be voted as one of the ten award winners.
The awards were first granted in 2003 to encourage and promote the application of advanced and practical research accomplishments into everyday life. The awards procedure also identifies and fosters young, talented scientists for qualification for further advanced education and future employment at all levels in government, business or social services.
The ten winners receive awards for their work in Information Technology and Communications, since 2003, Medical Technology, Biotechnology and Environmental Technology, since 2011, and the technology of new materials, since 2016.
The two DTU candidates to win the ten 2019 Vietnam Golden Globe Awards are:
- Dr. Tran Nguyen Hai, in Environmental Technology.
- Dr. Ho Thanh Tam, in Biotechnology.
Gi?i thu?ng Khoa h?c Công ngh? Thanh niên Qu? C?u Vàng là ho?t d?ng do Trung uong Ðoàn TNCS H? Chí Minh, B? Khoa h?c và Công ngh? ph?i h?p t? ch?c nh?m tôn vinh các tài nang tr? có thành tích xu?t s?c trong h?c t?p, khoa h?c và công ngh?. Nam 2019, Ð?i h?c Duy Tân vinh d? có 2 gi?ng viên l?t vào top
Dr. Tran Nguyen Hai
Dr. Tran Nguyen Hai, from the Institute of Fundamental Science and Applications in Ho Chi Minh City has formidable achievements, with 48 publications in leading international journals, 27 of those in Q1 journals, including 11 as main author. In 2016, Dr. Hai was sponsored by the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology to give a presentation at an international conference at Widener University in the US, and he also won the Rising Star Award from the Waste Management & Research journal the same year. He now takes part in several community activities, such as Back to the Roots, organized by the Center of Science and Technology Development from the HCM Youth Union in 2019, and is spokesman for the Bentham Science publishing house in Vietnam for 2019 and 2020.
Cùng bình ch?n cho 2 gi?ng viên c?a Ð?i h?c Duy Tân nh?n gi?i Qu? C?u Vàng nam 2019
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam 
Dr. Ho Thanh Tam has published ten impressive Biotechnology papers in ten international journals and five in the proceedings of international conferences and is co-author of a chapter in a monograph published by SPI Technologies in India in 2019. In addition, he founded and maintained the A19 newspaper as a forum for biology students at Dalat University from 2009 to 2011 and was President of the Vietnamese Student Association at Chungbuk University in South Korea from 2015 to 2017. This year he is also serving as Vice-Chairman of Communications for the Vietnam Football Association in Korea and won second prize with A Letter to my Daughter at the “Pride in Vietnam” contest, promoting the culture and history of Vietnam.
We call upon all lecturers, staff members, employees and students of the university to vote for our two candidates as follows:
1. Follow the link http://qcv.tainangviet.vn/binh-chon/ and navigate to the voting section.
2. Tick the boxes:
“Nguyen Tran Hai – Environmental Technology”
“Ho Thanh Tam – Biotechnology”
3. Tick the box “I am not a robot” and submit your vote.
It is also possible to send a comment in the comments section before submitting your vote.
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