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The latest DTU Journal of Science & Technology issue focuses on Tourism

In June 2021, the third issue of the DTU Science & Technology Journal was dedicated to Tourism, featuring articles by expert lecturers from the DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute.
The Science & Technology Journal
Focusing on “Post-COVID-19 tourism in Danang - Prospects and a vision”, the newly-published articles documented research findings on consumer behavior, product offerings, human resources, technological applications, smart tourism and sustainable tourism. 
Topics were entitled: “Ways of bringing back international tourists to Danang after the pandemic”, by Ho Minh Phuc and Trinh Thi Kim Chung; “A study of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on local tourism activities and the reaction of the people of Danang”, by Cao Thi Cam Huong and Pham Thi My Linh; “Evaluating the changes in frequency, spending criteria and motivation of the younger generation eating out in the new normal”, by Le Dinh An, Hoang Thi Cam Van, Nguyen Thi Minh Thu and Nguyen Ngoc Vinh Hoa; and “Potential new components of local tourism market after the pandemic”, by Phi Thi Linh Giang.
These types of articles are vital to the development of education and research in the DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute, evaluating the impact of the pandemic on the Danang hospitality sector and proposing future new directions.
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