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Six benefits of studying for a PhD in International Relations at DTU

DTU has recently been authorized by the Ministry of Education and Training to offer a Doctoral program in International Relations, starting this year.
The deadline for applications is November 30, with results from December 6 to 11. For further information, see:  https://duytan.edu.vn/tuyen-sinh/Page/EnrollArticleViewDetail.aspx?id=842.
6 l?i ích t? vi?c làm Nghiên c?u sinh ngành Quan h? Qu?c t? t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
DTU’s new PhD course in International Relations
The benefits of studying for a PhD in International Relations at DTU are the following:  
1) There are very few institutions that offer a Doctor of International Relations in Vietnam. Elsewhere, most doctoral candidates are awarded PhDs in International Studies. A PhD in International Relations will enable graduates to work as diplomats or go on to high-level careers in academia or research. 
2) DTU graduates in International Relations will be fluent in their language of choice and write and defend their doctoral dissertations accordingly. The course provides comprehensive theoretical study and in-depth firsthand work in the field. 
3) The program will teach the disciplines of political science and international relations, including detailed information on their current impact at the beginning of the 4.0 period. The course also teaches doctoral candidates the research methods required to analyze foreign policies and events in contemporary international relations. A combination of cutting-edge theoretical and practical studies enables DTU’s PhD students to discover the key issues that will ultimately shape both their future research and their careers.
4) The program focuses on integrating the curriculum with the workplace. Students are encouraged to incorporate their dissertations with the practical issues that they are encountering there in preparation for their future careers.
5) At DTU, PhD International Relations students are mentored by local and foreign professors and researchers and they will participate in research projects together. Students can also participate in diverse multi-level research activities conducted by various other DTU departments.
6) Eligible students enrolling in the program will be able to receive scholarships of 20% or 40% of the tuition fee, based on academic achievement. Leading doctoral students may also teach course modules or work for DTU on graduation. 
With these benefits and incentives, do not hesitate to choose DTU to pursue a PhD in International Relations.
(Associate Pro. Nguyen Thu My – Head of International Relations - DTU Social Sciences and Humanities)