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DTU Students Defend their Graduation Projects Online

Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak in Danang, DTU implemented online education and now holds remote Thesis/Graduation Project Defense committees, to ensure timely graduation.

DTU has spent 30 billion VND on online equipment, a yearly subscription to Zoom and other real-time education and simulation software.

DTU International School students defend their theses in English
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân b?o v? d? án t?t nghi?p tr?c tuy?n d?m b?o dúng ti?n d?
IT students defend their Capstone Projects in English 
Confident and creative DTU Computer Science and International School students were divided into groups of three to five to complete their Capstone projects during their final year and gain extra knowledge and experience. 
Each group had from 30 to 45 minutes to present their project and the committee then spent 60 minutes questioning them and offering their opinions. Most projects made use of the AGILE, Scrum, V-model and Security software applications, which are some of the latest ways of managing business processes. The projects had to be completed in English in 14 weeks and defended in English to the Capstone Defense committees.
This year, students and mentors worked together completely online, which presented a major challenge.   However, thanks to one year of practice in online education at DTU, the successful defense committee hearings in no way compromised the quality of the previous face-to-face procedure. 
The presentations proved that the project teams had mastered the soft skills, presentation, demo, teamwork, independent-working, problem-solving and English skills required. Their work was highly appreciated by the Thesis/Graduation Project Defense committees, including projects focusing on:
- AI/Machine Learning
- Deep Learning
- Big Data Analytics
Mentors and project leaders, from companies such as Rikkeisoft, BAP and Fsoft, joined the committee to encourage students and to give their opinions on the theses.   
Dr. Nguyen Duc Man, Head of the DTU International School, said: “Due to the pandemic, DTU lecturers had to teach the Capstones and review the theses online, but the students still did as well as usual. Working online also brought out some good points. Lecturers and students could communicate at all times, including weekends and evenings, allowing them to spend more time on their work than usual.”     
Confident Students majoring in Architecture, Construction, and Graphic Design defend their Design Projects online
During the pandemic, Graphic Design projects required technical drawings and videos to be transmitted to the committee using Google Drive, DTU’s Sakai, email, Zalo, Dropbox or Onedrive, in advance of their presentations. This took more work but all went smoothly, with the same high quality as in offline defenses. 
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân b?o v? d? án t?t nghi?p tr?c tuy?n d?m b?o dúng ti?n d?
The highly-appreciated graduation projects of the DTU Graphic Design students
Construction students had to save copies of their work in a digitized data base but also submit hard copies by mail at least 10 days for review. Presentations focused on a variety of topics, including structural design, developing technical methods and construction organization, and preparing estimation and bidding documents for actual construction projects, using the TeamViewer application to reviewing their spreadsheets. This year, the students had to create videos showing the entire creative, design and implementation process, to enable the committee to more easily visualize students’ ideas in advance. 
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân b?o v? d? án t?t nghi?p tr?c tuy?n d?m b?o dúng ti?n d?
Highly-appreciated graduation projects 
DTU purchased a license for the artspace.kunstmatrix software to organize an “online exhibition” of the Graphic Design graduation projects. The exhibition featured 20 Graphic Design projects and 7 Multimedia Design projects in video file format. This meant that the lecturers and the other committee members were able to preview the students’ projects beforehand and evaluate them more objectively and precisely.  
Sinh viên ÐH Duy Tân b?o v? d? án t?t nghi?p tr?c tuy?n d?m b?o dúng ti?n d?
CSU International-Standard Architecture program projects
This year, CSU International-Standard Architecture students proved impressive in a variety of topics:
- The Community Cultural Center of the H’re people
- The Angel Cemetery Park
- The City Fields
- The Ru Cha Wetland Park 
Students tended to implement projects related to social issues and all students of the three Architecture, Interior Design and Architecture (CSU) committees successfully defended their theses, which will increase their career opportunities in future. During the pandemic, DTU has worked especially hard to help thousands of students graduate on time, which a very difficult task at any university.
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