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“Clean Code” Tech Sharing and the DTU/Sioux High Tech Software Internship Recruitment Program

On April 28, DTU and the Sioux High Tech Software company held a “Clean Code” Tech Sharing and Sioux High Tech Software Internship Recruitment program. Attendees included representatives from Sioux High Tech Software, Deans, lecturers and International School and Computer Science School students.    
Mr. Ho Nguyen Han presents Clean Code
Founded in 1996, Sioux High Tech Software develops multilingual software that runs on Windows, iOS, Android, Mac and Linux platforms. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands, with branches in Belgium, Russia, Germany and Vietnam.  
Mr. Ho Nguyen Han, the Delivery Manager at Sioux with 10 years of experience in Software Design and Testing, gave an overview of Clean Code. Clean Code is a well-known terminology worldwide and was first defined by Uncle Bob to define reliable source code as follows:
- Simple: Solving problems faster and easier
- Direct: Solving the identified problems 
- Easy to read: Helping programmers to easily understand each line of code 
- Easy to improve: Easy to modify without disrupting the source code
- Strict acceptance testing: Ensuring source code runs exactly as specified  
- Clear identifiers: Showing the exact meaning of each component
- Minimal dependencies: Easier to change and expand projects
- No repeated source code
- Focusing on the idea: ensuring the design concept 
Students at the meeting
Programmers should write Clean Code to maintain high-quality systems, bring new team members on board quickly, and simply expand their projects. To do so, programmers must understand the basic Clean Code principles. For example, they should create meaningful nomenclature, write unique and brief code, and delete unnecessary code without over shortening.         
Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc, HR Manager Officer at Sioux, then talked about the Sioux internship program. Third and fourth-year IT students in IT were invited to take internship recruitment tests at the meeting, if they wanted, followed by two rounds of interviews. Qualified candidates could then become paid interns at Sioux for 3 months.   
Cao Quoc Huy, a K26 student in the CMU Software Technology program said: “This meeting was very informative. It will allow us to now consider the Clean Code requirements in our work and facilitate our future studies.”              
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