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DTU IT and Electrical Engineering Students Upgrade their Practical Skills

Regular academic competitions and special workshops allow DTU IT and Electrical Engineering students to experience their future careers in advance in real-time, which has resulted in the awarding of major prizes and the introduction of new and unique products into the marketplace prior to graduation.
IT students use the latest computer equipment
DTU students use the latest, highly-configured, free computers to access WiFi throughout the university. They can view the university’s electronic library and keep up to date on the latest news. In particular, Network Engineering or Network Security workshops can improve their network management and information warfare skills in a multifunctional network environment, in a $3 million data center with special Open Labs.
M?nh th?c hành rèn ‘Bàn tay vàng’ SV CNTT, KT Ði?n - Ði?n t? ÐH Duy Tân
High-powered computer systems
Special IT contests and preparation
DTU IT students confidently participate in contests to broaden their knowledge and skills whilst actively taking part in computer engineering research projects and experimenting with cyberspace attack/defense tactics at the university. The DTU Innovation Cup tests their game development expertise and the Hackathon Up Studio promotes the creation of mobile apps, both with valuable prizes. 
Microsoft Vietnam and many other software companies assist the competitors and the resulting DTU products are generally appreciated by Microsoft Vietnam for their originality and attractive graphics, and are then added to their mobile app store catalog.
“The Microsoft Hackathon App Studio contest is unique,” said Do Minh Vuong, who won a first prize with his digital technology app. “We can combine our design creativity and our feelings for Vietnam and its people. The contest shows us the effectiveness of the university’s blend of theory and practice and gives us the freedom to develop applications and unleash our passion in the creation of innovative and useful mobile apps.”
Inspired DTU IT students go far
Other contests are organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, the Vietnam Information Security Association, Viettel, BKAV, VNPT and VNSecurity and international contests which boost DTU’s prestige in the IT community.
Sinh viên Công ngh? thông tin giành gi?i cao ? nhi?u cu?c thi l?n
DTU IT contestants win major prizes
- The ISITDTU hacker team has finished in first or second place for several years, and 8th out of 65 teams in the finals of 2019 Insomni’hack, in Switzerland 
- ISITDTU also won first prize in the 2019 Byte Bandits CTF contest organized by the Indian National Institute of Science & Technology
- DTU has won the ASEAN Student Information Security Contest of Central Vietnam many times, came third at the national level and 44th in the 2019 CTFTime rankings
- DTU Software Engineering students won first prize in the 2014 computerized fireworks display contest
- DTU IT students also won prizes at the Vietnamese Student Informatics Olympiads and the Asian International Collegiate Programming contest
Around-the-clock workshops for Electrical Engineering students 
DTU’s workshops are equipped according to the standards of actual engineering companies, with industrial robotics, high-end telecommunications, microcontrollers and biomedical electronics. They are open for convenience all day and night, for interdisciplinary training in the integration of IT and Electrical Engineering, to enable the creation of practical new products.
M?nh th?c hành rèn ‘Bàn tay vàng’ SV CNTT, KT Ði?n - Ði?n t? ÐH Duy Tân
Electrical Engineering workshop equipment
Three smart DTU robots with missions in the community
DTU encourages the production of smart robots by offering artificial intelligence courses, combined with a basic understanding of Electrical Engineering, such as: 
- The iRobt, a Vietnamese and English-speaking airport passenger guidance robot, which is being tested at Danang International Airport and escorts passengers using a friendly user interface
- A robot that helps pedestrians cross the street, equipped with a siren to warn traffic
- Robotic arms created for disabled high school students in Quang Nam province.
iRobt - robot hu?ng d?n hành khách di máy bay (?nh bên trái), Cánh tay Robot (?nh trên bên ph?i) và Robot d?n ngu?i qua du?ng
The iRobt, on the left, robotic arms, right, and the pedestrian crossing robot
Made-in-DTU products put to everyday practical use
Through their dedicated practical studies in the machinery workshops, lecturers and students develop ideas to support and satisfy normal people in their daily lives.
  Các s?n ph?m dã du?c dua vào s? d?ng trong d?i s?ng
Products put to everyday use
- Electric wheelchairs for the disabled in Danang
- Smart condom dispensers to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STIs, installed in parts of Danang
- A weld-checking robot used in shipbuilding
- The Smartbed, which alerts healthcare workers of patient strokes, winning a second prize at the “Seeding your Idea” technology startup contest and a third at the 2020 National Startup Contest
Sinh viên Lê Th? Thu Ngân thuy?t trình gi?i thi?u d? án Giu?ng ng?
Student Le Thi Thu Ngan presents the Smartbed 
“We all want to design a product with high marketability,” said Le Thi Thu Ngan, a spokesperson for the Smartbed team. “We were fortunate that the university has always encouraged us and provided the necessary infrastructure.  Our project won a major prize at the 2020 National Startup contest and could now compete in the Entrepreneurship World Cup, which attracts international investors and would mean a lot to DTU.”
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