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DTU Announces New Admission Policies in 2021

Faced with a combination of major changes in employment, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and severe storms throughout 2020 and 2021, so far, DTU has rolled out a set of new policies to benefit applicants in difficult circumstances and attract talented students to its advanced and other high-quality programs.
Four ways of applying to DTU in 2021:
- By direct enrollment, based on 2021 MoET and university policies 
- Based on the 2021 VNUHCM Academic Performance test 
- Based on 2021 HSGE scores
- Transcript-based enrollment in two different ways: 
+ On early grade 11 and first term grade 12 results  
+ On grade 12 average scores
Co s? v?t ch?t hi?n d?i c?a Ð?i h?c Duy Tân t?i co s? 3,5 ha
DTU campus
Preferential Scholarship Policy
In 2021, DTU will award preferential individual scholarships, worth 8,800,000 VND per semester, to students enrolling in the following majors:
1. Data Science
2. Data Communications and Computer Networking
3. Automotive Electrical Engineering
4. Building Operations & Management
5. State Accounting
6. Office Management
7. Taxation & Tax Consulting
8. Chinese for Tourism
9. Korean for Tourism
10. Japanese for Tourism
11. Literature & Journalism 
12. International Relations in the Chinese Language program
DTU will apply the same tuition fees as 2020 for the remaining majors, which not be changed for 4 years: 
- Normal programs: 9,440,000 to 11,520,000 VND per semester
- Talent programs: 11,520,000 VND per semester
- Advanced and International programs, CMU, PSU, CSU & PNU: 12,800,000 to 13,120,000 VND per semester
- Pharmacy: 17,600,000 VND per semester
- General Practitioner, Doctor of Odontoid-Stomatology: 32,000,000 VND per semester 
- Vietnam-Japan exchange program: 10,940,000 to 13,020,000 VND per semester
- DTU ADP American Degree programs, in collaboration with Troy University and Keuka College: 32,000,000 VND per semester
- Dual-degree programs: 22,000,000 VND per semester
Th?y và trò ngành Ði?n-Ði?n t? say mê nghiên c?u và h?c t?p
Lecturers and students of the Electrical and Electronics program
Previous programs have already attracted applicants from all over the country and, in 2021, DTU offers the following majors:
- Computer Science 
- Data Science
- Data Communication and Computer Networking
- Games Design and Multimedia
- Japanese Language
- Smart Tourism
- English, Korean and Chinese Tour Guide courses
- Electrical Engineering
- Automotive Electricity
- Building Operations & Management
- Biotechnology
- Hospital Management
- Traditional Medicine Doctor 
Computer Science and Information Technology majors include:
- Software Engineering, (Normal program)
- CMU Software Engineering
- Troy University Software Engineering
- Network Engineering, (Normal program)
- CMU Network Security
- CMU Management Information Systems
- Computer Science, (Preferential Program)
- Data Communications and Computer Networking, (Preferential Program)
- Big Data & Machine Learning, (HP) 
- Artificial Intelligence, (HP) 
In 2021, DTU has defined A01 as the set of subjects in stead of C01 for all Computer Science majors, except for CMU Management Information Systems. The A01 set of subjects included: Maths, Physics and Foreign Languages.
Sinh viên Ði?u du?ng th?c t?p v?i các trang thi?t b? hi?n d?i t?i Ð?i h?c Duy Tân
DTU Nursing students
Engineering and Technology majors: 
- Electronic and Electrical Engineering, (Normal program)
- PNU Electronic and Electrical Engineering,
- Automotive Engineering Technology, (Normal program)
- Electromechanical. (Preferential program)
- Control Engineering and Automation 
- Mechatronics Engineering, (Normal program)
- PNU Mechatronics Engineering
- Graphic Design
- Fashion Design
- Architecture, (Normal program)
- CSU Architecture
- Interior Design
- Civil & Industrial Engineering, (Normal program)
- CSU Civil & Industrial Engineering
- Transport Construction Engineering 
- Building Operations & Management, (Preferential program)
- Environmental Technology & Engineering 
- Food Technology 
- Resource & Environmental Management 
Economic Majors:
- Business Administration (Normal program),
- PSU Business Administration,
- Business Administration (in collaboraton with Keuka College),
- Marketing Management,
- Human Resources Management,
- Office Management (Preferential program),
- Logistics and Supply Chain Management (HP),
- Commerce,
- Finance & Banking (Normal program),
- PSU Finance- Banking,
- Accounting & Auditing (Normal program),
- PSU Accounting & Auditing,
- State Accounting, (Preferential program)
- Taxation & Tax Consulting, (Preferential program) 
- Major of Law,
- Economic Law,
- Business Law, (HP) 
- Corporate Management (HP),
- Marketing & Strategic Management (HP),
- Management Accounting (HP). 
Sinh viên Du l?ch th?c hành ? khách s?n mini t?i co s? Hà B?ng
Hospitality students intern at a mini hotel
Majors in Foreign Languages & Hospitality:
- English Language,
- Chinese Language, 
- Chinese for Tourism, (Preferential program),
- Korean Language, 
- Korean for Tourism, (Preferential program)
- Japanese Language, 
- Japanese for Tourism (Preferential program)
- Japanese for Tourism,
- Tourism & Hospitality Management, (Normal program),
- PSU Tourism & Hospitality Management,
- ADP Troy University Tourism & Hospitality Management program,
- Tourism & Travel Management, (Normal program),
- PSU Tourism & Travel Management,
- PSU Tourism & Restaurant Management. 
Majors in Medicine- Pharmacy- Nursing: 
- General Nursing, 
- Pharmacology,
- General Practitioner,
- Odonto-Stomatology,
- Biotechnology,
- Biomedical Engineering,
- Hospitality Management, 
- Traditional Medicine Doctor.
Humanities and Social Sciences majors:
- Literature & Journalism (Preferential program),
- Tourism Culture,
- Tourism Culture of Vietnam (HP), 
- Multimedia Communications,
- International Relations (in English),
- International Relations (in Japan),
- International Relations (in Chinese) (Preferential program)
- International Relations (HP).
Obtain a Master’s degree in five years in one of the Talent Program majors.
- Obtain an academic Bachelor in three to three and a half years
- Obtain a Master after an additional one and a half to two years
For detailed information, please contact:
The DTU Enrollment Center
254 Nguyen Van Linh, Danang
Tel: (0236) 3653.561-3650.403 – Fax: (0236) 3650.443
Website: http://tuyensinh.duytan.edu.vn; http://nhaphoc.duytan.edu.vn; 
Among Asia’s top 400 universities according to QS Ranking 2021.
The second Vietnamese university to obtain American ABET accreditation.
The third of the top four Vietnamese universities and 1,659th worldwide, by CWUR.
The second of twelve Vietnamese universities and 770th worldwide, by URAP.
The third best in Vietnam and and 1,466th worldwide by Webometrics in 2021. 
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