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Scientific Research by International School Students

Improving education requires the integration of many factors, such as innovative curricula and training programs, increased investment in facilities and equipment, the broadening of international collaborations, the improvement of employee skills and the development of more advanced research. Participation enables students to apply their classroom knowledge to practical situations encountered elsewhere. Research cannot be separated from teaching and studying and students who take part in research projects broaden their experience to build a stronger foundation for their future careers. 
Ho?t d?ng Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c c?a Sinh viên Vi?n Ðào t?o Qu?c t?
Regular research activities for International School lecturers and students
Research projects help students to mature, in an environment where they can practice and enhance various skills, such as communication, teamwork, listening, presentations, time and project management and conflict resolution skills.
On completion, students will become more self-confident, leading to higher grades, special internships, thesis and resume writing and more advanced research projects, which also strengthen their chances of earning valuable scholarships.
Ho?t d?ng Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c c?a Sinh viên Vi?n Ðào t?o Qu?c t?
The Ministry of Education & Training certifies student research projects
To achieve success in research, much time must be spent studying, reading, on field trips, surveys, programming, experimentation, writing reports and so on. Investments must be made in equipment and laboratory simulations, usually involving very hard work around the clock, requiring persistence, perseverance, dedication and passion.
Many Vietnamese students have the most trouble initiating research projects, because of lack of ideas, which normally are inspired in everyday life, work or study, which they did not pay much attention to or consider at the time. The best way to address this issue is for them to spend time in the library, follow the current news and read specialized articles and journals, always keeping in touch with lecturers for advice, suggestions or even challenges on topics that may be offered. To successfully pursue a project of your choice, and choose trusted and committed team members and experienced lecturers.
Ho?t d?ng Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c c?a Sinh viên Vi?n Ðào t?o Qu?c t?
Experimental demo of the DSParking project, with social distancing
Efficient online lecturing should fully engage the students, and Computer Science lecturers in the International School, and others, always dedicate much time and energy instilling a passion for research in their students.
After much consideration, the DTU School of Computer Science held the 2021 Scientific Student Research Information Technology Conference online on June 5.
Ho?t d?ng Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c c?a Sinh viên Vi?n Ðào t?o Qu?c t?
The Opening Ceremony
One hundred students from various DTU faculties successfully presented 27 projects, mostly in English, at the conference, concerning research into algorithms and proposed smart, practical solutions, such as:
- Logistic regression algorithms for early detection of customers stopping bank transactions
- A website to promote waste reduction and the promotion of environmental protection
- The Smart Dashboard Application
- The Smart chatbot, used to help in booking tours
- The DSParking System, for suggesting free parking spots
- Study and development of a smart traffic light system, to classify and count vehicles, based on Yolo4
Ho?t d?ng Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c c?a Sinh viên Vi?n Ðào t?o Qu?c t?
A certificate for the winning project at the Scientific Student Research Conference
The conference showed that, although the Covid-19 pandemic closed down DTU, studying and research continued uninterrupted. Also noteworthy were the joy, the pride and an affirmation of the quality of a DTU Information Technology and Computer Engineering education, when DTU entered the rankings of Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.
Ho?t d?ng Nghiên c?u Khoa h?c c?a Sinh viên Vi?n Ðào t?o Qu?c t?
The 2021 Shanghai Rankings 
In conclusion, you are advised to engage in scientific research at least once while you are a student. In doing so, you will learn many valuable lessons, get useful experience and make connections with like-minded colleagues. Consider research as another important and immediate objective, start working on it right away and pursue it until the end!
We sincerely wish the community of IT aficionados will increasingly take up its role in all fields at all times, especially during the current pandemic!
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