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A DTU Lecturer is Awarded 2020 Exemplary Young Teacher Award

On November 11, Mr. Le Anh Tuan, a Ph.D. student and DTU lecturer, was awarded the title of “2020 Exemplary Young Teacher” by the Danang Youth Union and the Danang Department of Education and Training for his contributions to the DTU Youth Union Movement, his research publications in prestigious journals and co-authorship of several textbooks.
Lecturer Le Anh Tuan receives the title of “2020 Exemplary Young Teacher”
A lecturer with a passion for teaching and research
Graduating from DTU, with a cum laude Bachelor degree in Auditing, Mr. Le Anh Tuan had many good job opportunities but decided to stay at DTU and become a lecturer. During his 10 years of teaching, he has always dedicated himself to the education of his students and is loved by many. He teaches Accounting Principles, Financial Accounting and Construction Accounting, which always captures the students’ attention and interest.
Lecturer Le Anh Tuan said: “When I was a DTU student, I regularly participated in Youth Union activities and still continue to do so as a lecturer. I was the Secretary of the HCM Communist Youth Union in  the Faculty of Accounting for two terms and was able to meet and work with students after school. I understood their ambitions as well as their difficulties. I supported and helped them immediately, in any way possible. I also adjusted my teaching methods to make my accounting lessons more interesting and easier for them to understand.” 
Lecturer Le Anh Tuan also spends lots of time researching, writing and teaching students how to conduct viable research projects. He integrates the results of his own projects into his lectures to help students broaden their knowledge and to improve teaching quality at the same time.   
Lecturer Le Anh Tuan has accomplished much already: 
- As a Party Member, he has successfully fulfilled his 2018 and 2019 duties 
- As a lecturer, he has performed excellently in 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 
- He won a second prize in Scientific Research in 2018-2019 and the third in 2019-2020
- He has published papers in Scopus indexed international journals, and others recognized by the Vietnamese State Council for Professorships
- He excelled at Youth Union and student movement activities in 2018-2019
- He is the author and co-author of textbooks, including Summary of Accounting Theory & Exercises of Accounting Principles 2, Accounting Principles and Management Accounting for Businesses.
Lecturer Le Anh Tuan with his students
Working hard to constantly improve himself
Lecturer Le Anh Tuan said: “Teaching is a noble profession and I always put much effort into conducting research and gaining more knowledge to improve my ability to teach students better and author high-quality textbooks for them.”
Lecturer Le Anh Tuan is a friendly person, but he has decided to become a stricter lecturer, who always encourages students to concentrate on studying to constantly strive harder for their future success. As an experienced Youth Union officer, lecturer Le Anh Anh Tuan organized volunteer activities and sports tournaments for the Faculty of Accounting, bringing students together to meet and exchange information, in order to improve their soft skills and motivate them to help others.  
In the future, in addition to teaching and doing research, lecturer Le Anh Tuan will concentrate on completing his Ph.D. degree course. Teaching is not an easy profession but, with his love for the job, lecturer Le Anh Tuan will achieve even more along on the path he has chosen.   
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